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What ever happened to the Killer Bees?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) January 29th, 2011

Seriously. I thought they were going to take over and destroy the world, LOL. Were they never a threat to begin with?

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I believe that they are traveling along the Tandocca Scale back to Melissa Majoria

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Al Gore told them to go away.

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“The new hybrid, called an Africanized Bee, took many years established colonies throughout South and Central America. The bee is aggressive, easily agitated, and generally a bee with a bad attitude. The first Africanized bee was found in the United States in October 1990, in a southern area of Texas. The Africanized bee is expected to spread across the southern part of the country, where the winters aren’t so harsh. Some scientists and entomologists believe that the Africanized bees will be able to adapt to colder weather and roam as far north as Montana. If this projection is true, it could become a big problem for a number fo reasons in the United States. ”

Insecta Inspecta

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What @marinelife said. They’re still here and they’re still taking hold in terms of habitat. The major difference is that it’s no longer a story the media focuses on, as they did in the ‘90s that got everyone all freaked out.

Just another case of the media over-hyping something and then finding something shinier and never talking about it again.

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@MissAnthrope Yep yep yep!! Same with so MANY other things that you just don’t hear about any more….Rocky Mountian Spotted fever and….stuff. You hardly ever hear about AIDS any more either. What happened to the dire prediction that by whatever year, everyone will know someone with AIDS? I don’t know any one with AIDS…

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All I keep thinking is.
Wu tang killah bees, we are the swarm.

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Killer bees freak me out. It is actually something I would consider if my husband had a job offer in a state that has africanized bees. When I moved into my house I pulled out the flowers near the back patio because I did not want bees around. One thing I loved about FL is I almost never saw bees. Bees love to sting me.

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@Dutchess_III I know many people who are HIV postive.

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But according to the old rumors everyone would know someone who was HIV positive. I don’t know of anyone. No one I know has ever known anyone. Granted, someone may be HIV positive and just hasn’t told another living soul, but….this is a small town. There would at least be rumors.

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@Dutchess_III I think in america there are just over a million people HIV positive, which is a relatively low number. When AIDS first hit the scene, there were legitimate fears of the numbers exploding, because women could pass it to their unborn child. So think about it, STD’s are very prevalant in our society. 80% of women have been exposed to HPV, If I remember correctly of the bacterial STD’s something like 2 million cases reported a year. Not sure about Herpes. Someone becomes sexually active, catches HIV, doesn’t know they have it, gets pregnant, child is born with AIDS. But, now we have drugs, and women can safely have a baby and not pass on the HIV. Also, initially, before we isolated the virus, we could not guarantee the blood supply, so anyone needing whole blood was at risk.

So, initial estimates of the exponential possibilities were overblown in our society, but we see in Africa huge numbers because of their lack of education, lack of medical help and medication, and struggles with cultural mores.

I am around a lot of gay people, and in th 90’s I knew 3 people who died, and I still know two people who are alive since being infected way back then. Of those five people, they lost a lot of friends. I have a family member who worked with a woman who died from AIDS, her husband had brought home the disease from cheating on her. Certain cities and communities were hit muh harder than others.

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Short but a really good thread. Thanks guys

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