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What's wrong with my office manager sending my assistants off to other careers like kids leaving home.

Asked by choreplay (6297points) January 29th, 2011

In the recent past I hired an office manager, a full time assistant and a part time assistant all around the same time. I didn’t have any expectation that I would keep these people for ever, but I would have liked the opportunity to offer them an apprenticeship. But in the course of six months my office manager has convinced one of the assistants to change her major to nursing and go into that. The other assistant she is trying to send her into the same route. My manager explained to me that she thought these were better careers as even though they had more income potential with me, the medical field was more stable (true). Now I’m investing in people I know won’t be staying with me.

Now let me say that what she did for the assistants isn’t a bad thing and maybe that’s just the breaks for me. Other people have said the manager feels threatened. Well I hear all that but the question I would like answered, what’s bothering me about this and is there an action on the managers part to call her on. Is she allowed to not share my vision and work her own agenda?

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You need to tell your manager in no uncertain terms that she needs to share your vision of hiring employees that even though you investing in people I know won’t be staying with me, you hope to one day offer them apprenticeships if things work out.

If she continues to suggest greener pastures to your hires, can her ass and get a more manageable manager.

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You need to replace the office manager because she’s not doing her job. Her job is to run your office, not act as a career counselor. It costs you money to have to hire and train new people.

Whoever is hiring your employees is not doing a good job of screening candidates if you are getting people who are not suited for your business.

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I think that you should tell the Office Manager that it is time for her to find greener pastures, perhaps as a career counselor.

That is not what you were paying her for. Her job was to keep your office environment running and stable.

Please remember that employment is at will. You do not need a reason to fire her.

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She obviously feels threatened… the 3 responses above are the exact advice I would give. Time to find someone better.

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I just realized that in your question you said you hired these people. In this market, there is no excuse not to get qualified people to work. If you are not sure you can identify good candidates yourself, work with a temp agency and hire long term temps. A six month temp would give you an idea of competency. If you pay a slightly better than average salary, you will get a better employee. Otherwise, you are going to get people who view a position with your business as a temporary position, and not a long-term commitment. While it’s important to get along with the people you work with, it’s not important that they are personal friend material.

We recently contracted a long-term temp who has been out of work for a year. He’s had no temping experience because he moved here from another state, doesn’t have a college degree and is in his 50’s. He’s an amazing employee, and has given 110% at all times. He’s analytical and focused. I have nothing personally in common with him. I do respect his abilities, and I want to be able to offer him a full time position because he’s a good employee, and likes the work.

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Although your managers should not be clones, they should be committed to the same goals and objectives as you. If they are not, they need to work elsewhere.

By advising other employees to seek other careers, she is undermining your workforce and its committment to your organization.

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Well… insecurity all the way up to a personality disorder. She’s undermining your business and not doing her job by running off you employees. That is something she is not allowed to do. If she can’t (or won’t) stop, she’s the one who needs to be run off. Send HER to the medical field if she thinks those jobs are so much better.

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She’s squandering the company’s funds and investments into people who will only be temporary, and she’s sabotaging the company’s future growth and stability with her “advice”.

I’d hate to sound callous, but her subversion of your business is more than enough justification to sack her for incompetence.

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