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How can I find out who gave me "Great Answer" points?

Asked by manolla (795points) January 29th, 2011

I just get curious to know who labeled my answers as a great answer, everytime I get one =D

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You can’t, unless that person volunteers the information.

Or, you could become a moderator. They can see who GA’s any answer

It’s better that way, really. Can you imagine how quickly Fluther would devolve into cliques and grudges if everyone knew who was siding with whom?

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Just gave you a GQ…now you know!

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@thorninmud : You are probablly right, didn’t think about it that way.

but maybe it would be a good idea if the person who received it can secretly know, because I just can’t get over my curiousity some times :P

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@manolla Welcoem to Fluther. You’ll just have to get over it.

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Sometimes you can tell if you get one and then see a new poster right after, but that is not a surefire method.

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@thorninmud Mods can’t see that information any more. It’s anonymous for us, now, too.

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@augustlan Oh, interesting. I guess it didn’t really serve any practical purpose, thinking about it.

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@manolla It’s easy: after you reply, simply PM everyone on the thread who has also responded, plus those who you think have checked it out, but may not have left a post and ask them. They may or may not tell you the truth.

In other words, you can’t – but the cliquiness reason is probably the closest to why the Fluther Gods decided this back then in 06 – in any event – you max out at 100 lurve anyway – so don’t sweat it. Here’s another GQ for you and welcome to flutherville.

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I think you have to get a subpoena from the House Committee for Freedom of Internet Lurve. Then they have to tell you who did it.

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@wundayatta is correct, of course, but that is very time-consuming. My way takes days, weeks at the very most.

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