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Does anyone know a good source for VC –Venture Capital- or AI –Angel Investors-?

Asked by MatChup (204points) January 29th, 2011

I have an idea of a potential product not available in the market yet. I Google it and couldn’t find anything like it. I run it across some friends and they all think is a good one. Has anyone use any of these investors? How did they turn out to be? Can you provide feedback as our own experience? I have done some research and all the ones I have found out require a massive master business plan in place. Do you have a source for a place where they have a template for writing an acceptable business plan?

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To get investment money, you do have to have a business plan and the accompanying research.

Here is a reasonably good template. (Start up Business Word)

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@marinelife, thanks for the link. I’m reading up on it now. I’ll study it and brainstorm on it

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I find that Chris Sacca’s page on what they look for in startups provides great reading and advice for anyone looking to get their feet off the ground:

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