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Who do you think should play Roland Deschain in the upcoming Dark Tower films/tv series?

Asked by ZAGWRITER (1506points) January 29th, 2011

My choice is discussed in this article. If you have ever read “The Gunslinger” or any of the Dark Tower® series of books, then you know that Roland Deschain has to be somewhat tall, on the thin side, with a face that looks like stone (think Clint Eastwood in TGTBATU), and have blue bombardier eyes.I swear to all that I hold holy, that if Ron Howard effs this up, he will want to sleep with a nightlight on. I am sooo looking forward to this (currently set for a release date in May of 2013). I need to beg Howard for a bit part in the town of Tull, or later. With my luck, he would cast me as Sheemie or one of the Taheen, but I could live with that. What do you all think for the potential of this?

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I think Daniel Day Lewis would make a great Roland. He’d need some contact lenses to pull off the eyes, but I think he could add a bit more of the essential ruthlessness to the character than Christian Bale could.

Now, who should play Walter/Flagg? I’m gonna have to ponder for awhile on that one.

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hmm, that would be good, but Daniel Day Lewis is a bit old to play Roland in the first movie, maybe? Fantastic choice though. Hmm Walter/Flagg, yea, I’m gonna have to talk to my dad for that one too. Perhaps the more intriguing part of this question too.

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Oh lordy, I hope it’s not Christian Bale. I don’t know who I’d rather have in Roland’s role (I’ll have to think on it, and I’ll be back), but not Christian Bale. He’s not badass enough. Roland needs to be a bad mofo with a soft side.

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Roland=A complete unknown. They have to bring in someone nobody has heard of to pull it off.

Walter/Flagg=Cristoph Waltz

Eddie=Jason Lee

I’ll have to get back to you on the rest

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I think Christian Bale could pull it off. American Psycho, Batman, and some western action in 3:10 to Yuma are great examples I feel. They can’t have a complete unknown for Roland. They are gonna have a crap load of money tied into this thing when it begins. They will need some star power I think, even though the story is awesome enough.

@Blondesjon, great call on that, Waltz would work I think.

Jason Lee might be too old for that part. I get the impression that Eddie is a guy in his early to mid twenties. Maybe Sean William Scott (ugh, I know), because he has to be looking like a heroin junkie at first, then mature later. He might not have the chops to pull it off, but the part with Blaine the Train would totally fit what Scott has done so far.

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I like the idea of Jason Lee as Eddie. Yeah, he might be a little too old, but he can definitely pull off the Eddie type.

I could see Christoph Waltz as Flagg, I think. He doesn’t have the look I’ve imagined, but with a little prosthetic scarring and longer hair he could work.

I’m still stuck on Roland. His casting would be so crucial to the success of the show. I’ll keep thinking on it :)

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Bale doesn’t look how I imagined Roland but he is an amazing actor so I’d be pretty excited to see him get the part. I feel weird speculating on the rest of the roles since I invariably think of well-known actors and honestly I think I’d prefer is there were more lesser knowns cast. It might be interesting to see what someone like Paul Dano or Patrick Fugit would do with Eddie, though they may be too young for the part.

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as long as Shia Lebeouf isn’t in the movie, because I can’t see him as Eddie or anyone. Can anyone see James Gandolfini playing Enrico Balazar?

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/sigh, I dunno, maybe.

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