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What are good sources for events and fun activities in San Francisco Bay Area?

Asked by brittspace (47points) January 29th, 2011

What are a couple of good news sources for upcoming events in the area? Anything from “a bunch of people are getting together to play bocce in the park” to Yuri’s Night []. I’m most interested in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, etc but who’s not up for a good road trip if worth it?

Twitter Feeds, Blogs?

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I would look into the SF Bay Guardian or the SF Weekly. There’s also an Arts section that comes one time each month in the locally-delivered New York Times.

Those are pretty generic.

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SF Gate, the Web site of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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There are some pretty routine gatherings in SF among the community. No one’s going to make you take someone home to sleep on your couch if you don’t want them to, but the community is a friendly and open scene of all kinds of types.

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Check out: Funcheap San Francisco and Funcheap East Bay, a list of events that are cheap or free.

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