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Is anyone else as enthusiastic about French director Catherine Breillat as I am?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) January 29th, 2011

I first saw “An Old Mistress”, and then “Barbe Bleu”, and then “Fat Girl”, and then “Romance”. Sex is always a strange topic for me; I feel somewhere between a prude and a whore, between fear and sex. And Catherine Breillat seems to elucidate the intense contradictions, taboos, and complexities involved from a more feminist perspective. When I first watched her films, I dismissed her as anything but feminist, but as watched them again and again, I find that she is more feminist than possibly any female director who deals with sex.

I am about to watch “Brief Crossing”, and then have “36 Fillette” and “L’Amour Parfait” on my list, so here we go!

Just want to find out if anyone else finds her movies interesting, and why.

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