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Whats your favorite hookah tobacco flavor?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1960points) January 29th, 2011

Me and my friend recently got into smoking hookah…we smoke about 3 or 4 times a week…we’ve tried melon, raspberry, peach, adios &#^#&^#@%, blueberry, and strawberry banana….And so far our favorite has been strawberry banana….any other good ones out there similar to that or better?

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There are so many great ones. There was some apple flavor that I used to be obsessed with (I don’t even really like apples that much). It’s been a while though… I recommend trying the fun mixes the places make.

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I’m kinda picky about getting them pre-made at hookah joints…sometimes they’re not as syrupy as the ones you buy in a box at any tobacco store….I realized, the more syrup the better the flavor..and they’re more expensive…here in cali I can buy 50gms of any flavor I’d like for like 2.50$ a box and its enough to make like 4 bowls….and when I buy it at a hookah joint its like 5.00$ for 1 bowl….

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Soooo many goood flavors. Some of the best ones I’ve had were strawberry banana, pomegranate, passion fruit, strawberry daiquiri , pumpkin, apple cinnamon, banana,...... I could go on forever lol

I just love how damn relaxing hookah is.

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I am a hookah connoisseur I own 10 hookahs and have tried many brands and flavors.

My absolute favorite is Starbuzz Blue Mist

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starbuzz brands are pretty good. I tried their melon one and it was very tasty :)

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@uberbatman- yes yes, very much so….great to smoke outside at night under the stars too.

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romman peach! you gotta try romman!

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I’ll definitely look for some next time I go tobacco shopping:) thanks.

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Romman burns to easy. If you want a good peach I am going to recommend starbuzz again.. the white peach is delicious. I have tried all sorts of romman in all sorts of different bowls and different coals and it always burns.

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Coffee, caramel, and lemon are really good.

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I’ve found that I need some sort of mint base to continue smoking after a while. So many of the fruity flavors seem syrupy to me, but mint stays crisp.

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You have to try the White Gummi Bear and Mint Choclate Chill flavors from Fumari. Those are my absolute favorites!

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