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How much did it cost to create Fluther?

Asked by robdamel (786points) January 29th, 2011

How much do you think it cost to make Fluther, before it was opened to the public?

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I read $600,000

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600K was how much some investors put into it at one point, not how much was actually spent.

All I can say is that whatever it cost, it was a steal!

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Initially, there was very little money involved in actually creating Fluther: a few thousand dollars for legal expenses, a few cheap servers, and design work. Maybe around 10k.

During the early years, the only real expenses were living expenses, which were kept quite low, and the only true investment was that of time, which I believe is the most scarce and valuable resource.

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Thanks @ben – for everything.

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@ben Good to see you Fluthering.

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Hiya dearie!

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Damn this time-zone – I always miss the action/replies/fun. I wish Mattbrowne would hurry up and finish the time-space continuum thingy so I can live in the ME and also have an American time zone. Nu – speed it up already brainiac.

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