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Airsoft Junkies: Simply WHICH is better?

Asked by shniernan (986points) January 29th, 2011

The main question of this post will come shortly but first off I have a question that’s been in the back of my mind forEVER. What the HECK is the point of airsoft shotguns? Not only do 90% shoot one shots, but they are inaccurate too. What’s the point? And they are like 450FPS at close quarters. That’s just cruel. :)

ANYWAYS, I have a couple of guns I am considering buying in the near future, but I wanted someone’s opinion on them. I also encourage you to provide any alternatives you feel fit the requirements of “above 350FPS below 450FPS, Needs to be AEG, Preferred to look cool, Needs to be ACCURATE, Needs to be around 125$(but feel free to suggest up to 175$, though I doubt I will get them, you never know! :D)

So the long-awaited guns (In order of favorite/IMO best) are…

1) The JING GONG 3608 G36c. This is my number one choice for the good price, AMAZING reviews, and foldable stock. The only bad thing I might find about it is its 350 FPS seems a little low, however I wouldn’t want to get hit with 350FPS, so maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. (Oh and shipping is 23$, WTF? Is there anywhere I could buy this that it wouldn’t have such preposterous shipping?)

2) The (Gamer) JING GONG MK36c. This one is nearly the same as the first, explaining the close second. It has almost the same traits except higher FPS, and it’s not from Amazon. It looks great, heard it shoots great, but not quite as many reviews. SUSPICIOUS.

3) The Thompson (Fullmetal) M1A1. I like the Thompson in any war game, and it looks pretty cool in real life. Stylish, but not quite as stylish as the other two. This one is full metal which is a nice plus, and I believe it has much better FPS. Above budget by quite a bit, but I wanted to hear your opinions.

So which one do you recommend is best for me? Or would you recommend an alternative? Please any/all responses/advice/help/love is useful and appreciated! Thank you! :D

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350 FPS is not low. Trust me. I’ve been playing airsoft for years, so I should know. Also, airsoft shotguns are not necessarily shit. I love running around with my Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 and a few extra shells. It’s great for clearing out people that are hiding behind brush.

If I were you, I’d go with the Thompson because it’s beautiful. However, your play style may play a role in your choice here. Do you want something with a bunch of rails that you can stick tacticool crap all over? Or do you want a more replica-esque, classic-styled gun?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – That was definitely NOT what I was implying with the shotguns! I <3 shotguns! Hahahah! What I was wondering is what the use was in airsoft for one-shot ones? If the shoot one shot…. and they’re inaccurate. Why not just get a sniper rifle?

I was actually considering buying a shotgun along with my new gun. :) Just wondering if i could use it for target practice with cans and not just be shooting wildly around. Probably get a multi-shot like this. Even though its much more than I have right now hahahah! Do you know any cheaper ones that aren’t complete crap?

Actually rails dont matter that much to me at all. The look is what got me. I think I like the G36c and MK36c better for their looks. And the fact that it is in my budget is nice. :P

They also have foldable stocks which are AWESOME. :D that seems amazing, however they are not fullmetal. I also HATE the thompsons sights in every COD game I’ve played, don’t know how it will fare in real life though.

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@shniernan I’ve fired a real Thompson before, and I can tell you that the sights are decent, considering the type of weapon it is. This should translate well to the game of airsoft, I imagine.

I don’t know of any non-single shot, cheapy airsoft shotguns. The SPAS shoots 3 bbs per trigger pull, and the spread is actually pretty tight, so it sort of functions like a real shotgun.

I do know that UTG stuff is typically pretty good, and you should be able to effectively plink with any airsoft gun that isn’t made by Double Eagle or CYMA. Me and my dad used to have this thing and it was dead-nuts accurate. You can pump it two or three times before shooting to get it to shoot multiple bbs, but your accuracy and range will suffer. It’s fun, though.

I had this gun too, and it was a blast.

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