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Touch up paint?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a good touch up paint for the back of iPhones? I have some scratches that are making me crazy

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I don’t off the top of my head know of amy such, but I’m looking to paint my clear cover pink (yes, pink) and for that I’ve just bought regular acrylic paint. Since that sticks to most surfaces and can be diluted with water for thinner coverage, you might be able to do something similar. Alternatively, speak to a jeweller.

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they might melt the iPhone.:)

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Here’s an alternative. First I have ask how deep they are. Since it is an alloy, buffing them out is always an option. I have one of these (see below) and I buff scratches out of everything. Also, why not just get a case?
If you’re stuck on paint, get some at a car dealership that matches, It is usually sold in a convenient marker-like container.

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thanks dub.

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Use a really fine point paint brush (pick one up at a craft/art store) and some silver acrylic paint or nail polish. Getting the color right might be hard but if you apply it sparingly it works well enough.

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@luna: if you want *Hairy to remain here, save the silly remarks for private commenting. Just answer the question, which was a reasonable one. (And save the {giggles} for Yahoo!)

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@ Luna! Keep your answers related to the question. Not all of us are as dull as you are.
@ kay. Thank you I will try that.

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@ah, Hairy; you have found redemption. Glory be.

And re; nail polish; that is a good idea; you can cover it with the clear final coat (used on nails) for more protection.

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oops I ment you gailcalled. Sorry Luna!

Thank you all for the good answers.

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[mod says]: please leave the moderating to the moderators and remember to use flag when appropriate. Thanks all.

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Will do sanfreQ. Any advice on my question?.

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I’m using this at the moment (comes in assortment of colors, but I have the black version); I’ve licked my wounds on the whole scratch/dent thing after dropping my iPhone on asphalt and at the gym. It is pretty slick looking and doesn’t add a whole lot of heft to it. Plugs into most docks too (except the Apple-branded docks).

Another thinner alternative that I have seen (but not owned) is the Cozip case for iPhone (a Korean product, sold mostly on eBay) here . Micro-thin, and the least obtrusive of designs I’ve seen (although provides little protection other than cosmetic).

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@sndfreQ- are those aluminum?

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yes some sort of alloy; real slick and barely there in appearance.

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