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Should alternative school teachers do these things?

Asked by askmypoop (40points) January 29th, 2011 from iPhone

I go to a k-8 alternative school, that might not make a difference but I am in seventh grade and my teacher
sometimes makes the class
put their heads down on their desk, he once told a kid to
shut up, he makes you feel like you are not entitled to an
opinion, he once interrupted
me because he didn’t agree
with something I said, he once
asked rudely “Can you read?”
because I didn’t understand
something he was trying to tell
me, and he told a trouble
boy that he should go be a loser somewhere else. Is this
right? Should a middle alternative school teacher be saying these things?

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No teacher should be saying those things. Talk to your parents about it or maybe a school counselor.

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I agree with @psychocandy. These are not proper behaviors for a teacher. Tell someone who can do something about it. In fact, tell everyone that can do something about it.

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Someone needs to stand up and report this person. If this is you, keep a written record of the time, date, and offensive behavior, so you can present the case.

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You should take your cell phone and record him behaving like this, then give copies of the video to the parents of each kid he berates.

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Have you told your parents? This is the kind of thing parents were made for.They’re supposed to stand up for their kids when teachers do the wrong thing. I would talk to them first.

If they aren’t interested, then you’ve got a lot more problems than your teacher. Then you might do some of the things others have suggested. In addition, try going to the principal. Or talk to another teacher you’ve had in school in prior years (which obviously is not something you can do if this is the first year you are there).

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