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Opinions about apple TV?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

thinking about getting

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Breefield's avatar, my computer with iTunes, and the Redbox down my street = Apple TV (on a macbook)

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Perhaps (I don’t think that’s equivalent, but whatever), but regardless the Apple TV is $229. “Your computer with iTunes” is cheaper than that?

AppleTV looks pretty nice to me. HD quality movie rentals from your couch, what’s not to like? I don’t have one, but have also been considering it.

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I’m drawn towards it because:
1. It does photos, and I often want to show those off without my MacBook handy
2. It does podcasts and that’s a great source of (free) content (especially BBC radio)
3. It’s software extensible – the old version got all the new features for free, and there’s much more it’s capable of over time.

What I’d like it to do, when it makes sense, is: RSS feeds, BBC iPlayer content, and simple games. Google Maps/Weather/Stocks widgets would be nice too.

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I have to imagine there is an open-source product that would be better suited for my, erm, alternative media acquirement methods. I’m in need of replacing this old Winbox running VLC serving as my TV, but nothing seems to fit quite right.

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I like the interface and the idea of the rentals. See you later Blockbuster and your damn late fees or restocking fees

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Do you have a TV that has component inputs? If not, factor in the cost of a new tv.

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yea I have a high def flat panel. However my two only HDMI inputs to tv are already taken up by my direct tv receiver and my DVD player. I wish apples tv also played DVD

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Just Handbrake your DVD’s and import them to iTunes. Voila!

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