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Are there any credit cards that award United miles that aren't Chase cards?

Asked by andrew (16358points) April 13th, 2008

I’m considering switching credit cards, and my debit card is with chase (whom I’m not thrilled with).

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Look into Citicard. They have several types of cards. Some give Thankyou points, which is linked with Expedia. I believe that you might be able to use the thank you points for United flights, I know you can use them for other airlines, cruise credits on RCCL and Carnival, and many other things.

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I called citicard, and they informed me that they exclusively partner with American. Perhaps I’ll look into Amex. Don’t they have cache?

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@seesul: Have you had experience with the Thankyou network?

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Hmmm they do have a dedicated card with American, but the one connected with thank you points is a different card and I swore I saw offers on it for transfers of points for other airlines. I’ll look into it when I have time. I’m in the process now of using points for a cruise, getting certificates, etc., but the process will take a while since the cruise isn’t until the summer.

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Follow up: Just sent for my certificates for my cruise. All of it was done online and was very easy. They should arrive in 1–3 weeks and then the cruise line gave me an address to mail them to by the final payment date in June. So far it has been easy. I did notice when looking through the list for gift certificate and reading the contract that they have expedia offers (which they are partnered with) and various airline offers available. I chose it because someone recommended it to me because of the wide variety of uses for the points. You are limited to 100,000 points per year earned. We charged everything possible on it, paying the bill completely when it is due. The points are adding up fast, as we pay college tuition with it. Hope this helps. Whomever you talked to at Citicard was talking about the dedicated card to American, not the one with the Thank you network. I can keep you posted on my adventure if you wish, and let you know how it turns out.

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