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How do your pets let you know when they are hungry?

Asked by jca (36002points) January 30th, 2011

Please specify what type of pets you have. How do they let you know when it is time for you to feed them?

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I have two dogs who can tell time. They know exactly when it is feeding time and they begin to dance around about ten minutes before trying to look cute and get us to feed them.

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My turtle barks art me.

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I have a German Shepherd Dog that we free feed and two Maine Coons that will grab your wrist with their big paws and guide the fork to their mouths. ;)

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I don’t currently have a pet, but my last dog was raised from a puppy. I taught him to self-regulate his food intake, which means putting all the food he would need for the day out right in the morning and letting him learn how to pace himself so that he’s not hungry by the end of the day. I’ve been told you can only do this with young animals, but I’ve never tried it on an older one.

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Dogs – run and sit in their crates and wait patiently. Or they beg.
Cats – meow frantically until I have no choice but to feed them, or be forced to claw out my own eardrums. My black cat actually sits in a chair at the dinner table with us, even when we have company.
Fish – stalk me from the side of the tank. True story.
My pets are all fed on a schedule, no full food dishes lying around our house, so when it is time to eat… they don’t hesitate to remind us.

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One of my cats will almost trip me when i walk in the kitchen, and swirl her body around my legs. she will sit elsewhere in the house until i go into kitchen, then she runs and starts her annoying-ness.

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I have two dogs. Around 4pm one of them sits in the kitchen and has a fixed stare at her bowl. If I come into the kitchen she will sit under the work surface, just in case I drop any food. The other one waits until her bowl is moved then she runs round in circles, barking and singing until she is fed.
Even when we alter our clocks for British summertime, they somehow know when it is 4pm. Strange, but I am sure they know far more than we humans do!!

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My dogs are very patient and just wait for me to feed them. Sometimes my dog Bear will come up to me and do this little wiggle with his butt though. very cute

My cat is a different story. I swear he’s trying to kill me every morning by running right in front of me, which leads me to almost falling every time. He always trips me up. He gets a few curse words out of me before I feed him.

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@jonsblond Yes our pets are unable to talk, but they certainly let us know what they want, don’t they?

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Like @marinelife, I have two cats who can tell time. They get a small amount of wet food at 9am and 9pm (my female has issues with constipation and so the vet recommended giving her Metamucil daily) and have dry food available all day. If we sleep in or otherwise forget the time, they will climb onto the bed, get as close to our faces as they can, and scream. Archer will bite Daddy’s nose until he gets up. In the evening, Magrat will start crying around 8pm, climbing all over the computer desk until I finally give in.
If their dry food is running low, they’ll cry about it every time we walk near the bowl.

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My cats go to their bowls and start meowing like crazy. So I know… My dogs are different, they don’t really ask for food or do anything to let me know, so I have to remember myself. This is why we have regular feeding hours for our (three) dogs.

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I know because my cat wakes up dead people with his yowling.

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@Austinlad – So that’s where the zombie craze stemmed from!

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I’ve two cats, they both meow & claw the carpet mat their bowls are placed on….. The younger cat has a mad ten minutes before the carpet attack! :-/

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My bichons sit or stand side by side and stare at me. lol

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I have a half-labrador crossbreed. When she wants feeding, if I am sitting down she sits beside me and rests her chin on my knee, looking up with those to-die-for brown eyes. If I ignore her, she presses down harder.

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I have one fatass cat and when he’s hungry he goes MOW MOW MOW MOW MOW MOW MOW MOWWWWWWWWW.

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Our guinea pigs squeal like demons from the bowels of hell XD Penny our dawg on the other hand is more refined in her methods. Oh yeah, she justs jumps up at whoever is in the kitchen at the time practically pushing us into her feeding bowl. “Feed me now buster!”

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It starts with either (or both, sometimes) sitting on the bed and staring at me. When I don’t respond, they stare at my husband. When there’s still no response, the grey one meows multiple times and the black one will walk across my head. (Not at the same time – yet.) More staring, followed by nuzzling on any uncovered body parts. When this fails, the kitty wrestling show starts, at which point they get kicked out of our room. However, we rarely get as far as kitty wrestling any more since we started giving them a little less food at dinner and providing a snack at bedtime. (The snack is just the amount of food they don’t get at dinner any more.) This way they have something to eat when we’re not fully conscious.

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I feed a small dog and a cat from the same old tin piepan. The food is just there and they nibble through the day. If gone, the dog will come and stare at me until I figure it out. He must think I’m kind of slow on the uptake!

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Two Ragdoll 12 year old cats. Frasier wakes me up every morning between 5:30 and 6:30 for breakfast. He does this by walking over my face, stepping on (and pulling) my hair, meowing in my ears and just generally being a pain in the ass. Sasha is generally more patient (and 13lbs lighter). She’ll meow and walk toward the kitchen, or stand by her bowl and I know she’s hungry. He’ll headbutt me during the day if his bowl is empty and cry. He’s such a pain when it comes to food. Putting him on a diet is nearly impossible.

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The cats begin to hover when they want to eat. First one will come around, sit and stare. Then the rest will saunter in one at a time until I am surrounded by cats (5). I’d be intimidated if they weren’t such pussies. Hee hee.

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(etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum)

At least she doesn’t hit us in the head (sometimes by dropping heavy objects (or themselves) from our headboard) like cats we’ve owned in the past :/

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My dad usually yells out “Hey bro, how about a grilled-cheese sandwich?”.

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they usually walk by thier food bowl or meaow alot. well , cats anyways. dogs bark alot until you feed them

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