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How do you feel about your facebook friends?

Asked by kdrive (155points) January 30th, 2011

Facebook has changed the meaning of what friends are. Do you feel that your facebook friends are real friends? what is missing? what is good about it? Does it detract from the depth of many interpersonal relationships?

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A good percentage are real friends. The rest are people I sort of recall from high school or close high school friends. As for fostering loneliness, I’d say FB may represent a reaction to various levels of it. But not foster it.

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I have real friends on facebook….and I think that it can continue a feeling of loneliness if you are already lonely IRL

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All my friends on facebook are real life friends. It is a great way to stay in touch with them.

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Most of my Facebook friends are real-life friends or acquaintances, with a few online friends and people with whom I went to high school.
It’s a great way for me to keep in touch with friends from back home, now that I’m living in a different city.

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I feel like I would like to delete my real life friends from my Facebook.
Perhaps that’s topsy-turvy, but I feel like Facebook allows for a completely different type of socializing. I’d like to be able to play my games, post my comments, and just be an internet geek without half of my graduating class peeking on. Then meet up with those people at the pub or my highschool reunion.
I do like that it allows me to keep in touch with friends and family that have moved away, and otherwise might be difficult to keep such close communication with. That aspect is very nice. It is just two very separate things, in my mind.

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When I started out on Facebook, I invited, and accepted invites from, everyone I knew, including lots of work-related folks, folks I knew eons ago in high school, etc. After a year or so, I realized that Facebook would have so much more value for me if my friends list consisted only of people I really consider friends: family, friends, and the work-related people I socializae with outside of work. So I created a new account, invited those folks over, and now I have 66 friends all of whom I either love, who love me, or are active participants in my social life.

As a result, the posts I read from my friends, and the posts I share with my friends, have a ton of value to me. It’s a great way to share ‘the little things’, and sometimes (like last night when my godson was born at 3am), the really awesome things :)

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I’m with @Neurotic_David….for the first year or two I had facebook I accepted EVERYONE even if I didn’t know them or couldn’t remember who they were…..then I realized “These people are dumb as shit and boring as hell” so I deleted everyone that I didn’t care to keep up with. Now I’ve gotten lazy and let some more people in I don’t care about so I think I’ll go trim my friends list right now.

It really is a handy tool, especially now that I’ve moved far from all my old friends, and my brothers are scattered across the country. It’s a good way to keep in touch just a lil bit.

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I have real friends on Facebook. Most of the “friends” though are just some people that I know from old schools and like that but maybe never even talked to them… am thinking of deleting them:O

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I am a little new to facebook, so I don’t have that many friends. I never got the idea of being friends with tons of people you don’t know. But as you get into it, it’s fun to collect friends… I wonder why people ask you to be their friend with out knowing you?!

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Some are friends of friends of friends…it keeps going…they have to be a line drawn somewhere. So if I don’t at least know of you..your not in.

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I am very selective about the requests I accept, and have even ignored people that I used to be friends with who never tried contacting me before they were on Facebook (despite living in the same city). There is only one person on my list who was added on a technicality, and I don’t actually mind him nearly as much as everyone else in the world does.

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I’ve never been a big people person, and can count my true friends on one hand, but any Facebook friend of mine is someone I’d gladly have over for a cup of coffee or round of beers. It’s a great way for me to get to know people since I’m pretty much stranded out here on the farm and I’m a stay at home mom. It helps me connect with people.

Since I’ve had the chance to interact with several Flutherites there, I know I’d become good friends with several of them if we lived closer to each other.

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im constantly deleting people from my page,i love that feature.

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All of my facebook friends are people that I am actually friends with offline as well.

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I’ve only been on facebook for a short while. I didn’t really want to get involved with it at all, but none of my younger family members will write, e-mail or use the phone, so the only way I could be in any contact with them was on FB. That has worked out fairly well. My best friend, who lives in another city and I usually just use regular e-mail and the phone, but sometimes she and I will post things on FB, but not often.

The problem started when all of these other people who I have not seen or heard from in years started friending me. I don’t want to be rude and not let them in, but I feel like I barely know them. I feel like if they really wanted to be friends with me, then they would be friends with me in real life, but that just isn’t the case. There is only one friend, who also lives in another town, that got back in touch with me that I’ve enjoyed chatting with. The other ones I’ve relegated to the back burner and don’t let them see my posts (because they have no relevance to them and I really don’t want to have “fake” conversations with them, but I also don’t want to un-friend them as I’ve heard that some people take that as an insult).

Except for my best friend, and only because she’s in another town, all of the rest of my real friends are all in person and not on facebook. I think facebook is great for keeping up to date with family (pictures and events) but with friends, it just seems too weird and impersonal and there’s too many people who have no need to know what I’m doing every second of the day. And I absolutely don’t care whether someone is at 7–11 or watching Gilligan’s Island.

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87% of my FB friends are real friends

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My Facebook friends are anyone I’ve spoken to in real life long enough or often enough to be added as a Facebook friend (for the most part; some people have added me with even less contact). So it includes many acquaintances. But all 1100+ of them are people I have met face to face.

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I unconditionally love each and every single one of them!

add me Jon Wilcox

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Many of my friends on facebook are real life friends, but some are people I knew a few years ago and I’m not close with now. I’m not particularly inerested in facebook, but I do think it’s handy to keep in touch with friends who live in different countries.

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I’m not one of those idiots who adds people they don’t know.

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I rarely use facebook, and I have only added real friends.

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@seazen the whole point of social networking is to keep in touch of real friends :)

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Agreed. Or, like. ;-)

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25% are so interesting & inspiring; 75% are insanely, mind-numbingly boring. If Facebook is life’s highlight reel, these people need to live a little.

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