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Will working while sick pro-long the sickness?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 30th, 2011

I mean mental work. Right now I have the coughs and a runny nose, I am taking vitamin C, fluids and all that stuff but there’s just a lot of work i want to get done. Some research on some things and other mental work. I would be doing this all day every day, of course with breaks.

So I ask, if I do this, will it pro-long the duration of my sickness? I mean i heard you can’t really get “rid” of a sickness or “cure it”, as it usually lasts 7 days. So if you can’t really cure it then i’m thinking maybe you can’t pro-long it as easy neither. ??

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You can’t change the duration of a cold, so do whatever your cotton-brain allows you. Often, thinking and concentrating is difficult when combined with aches, chills, runny nose, cough and fatigue.

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@gailcalled are you sure of this??


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You won’t be concentrating well or thinking clearly. You might shorten your cold is you get rest and take Zicam.

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Do whatever feels comfortable for you. You can’t shorten or lengthen the duration of the cold as long as you don’t do anything stupid. If you brain works, use it.

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If you’re running a fever, it’s not a good idea to try to work at much of anything, but if there’s no fever, work could actually help, especially since it tends to take your mind off your sickness.

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@jabag11: If I were theorizing, I would have mentioned it.

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@gailcalled you don’t know how happy that makes me, I guess I’ll work but just not real hard….I’m taking your word for it…and others seem to agree with you…if I’m sick for longer than a week, you owe me at least $50 =D

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@jabag11: Note, please that my salient point was to let your brain instruct you. If you feel muzzy, tired, sleepy and not able to concentrate, then go lie down and snooze.

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@gailcalled oh yes of course I know thanks again..and by the way, is it the same deal for physical exercise? working out? because I was really hoping to continue working out but I stopped since I got a little sick. I do cardio and weight lifting..

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Keep working out it may just help you.

I’ve had hundreds of colds and I’ve never let them slow me down one iota.

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I go to the office unless I can’t keep my eyes open. I stay away from people and use a lot of lysol spray. I don’t get as much done as if I was feeling 100%, but things do keep moving.

Follow your body’s lead. Work for a bit, then eat something hot, take a short nap, then get up and work some more. You may find that you feel better sitting up and working than laying down.

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If you work for the government, there should be no appreciable difference in your productivity!

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