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What is it like to use a neti pot?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) January 30th, 2011

A friend recommended using a neti pot. Clearing out my sinuses sounds appealing, but I picture it as waterboarding myself.

I know that’s an unfounded fear, obviously millions of people use them without trouble, so what’s it like?

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it is, quite frankly, weird and disconcerting the first time. But it feels good when you’re finished! and it works. just be sure to have your head tipped properly to keep the solution from running down your throat.

and be careful on how much salt you use. Too much will sting, and that’s not fun.

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Neti pots are great and do take a bit to get used to. I got this NeilMed for my kids and they love it.

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I prefer a pulsatile nasal sinus irrigator.

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I used the NeilMed rinse after sinus surgery. Few things are quite as disgusting. But it works.

The first couple of times you use it, you will choke and have visions of Abu Ghraib but you’ll get used to it. Particularly gross is when the “plug” that has been preventing your sinuses from draining finally lets loose. Then the salt water shoots down the back of your throat, out of your mouth, and into the sink. Gag me. But like I said, it works!

Don’t use it fewer than 3 hours before bed.

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