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What movie is it ...?

Asked by ppcakes (457points) April 13th, 2008

I normally wouldn’t do this but i have searched IMDB for about an hour and have looked online, Theres a movie i saw one time about a man who gets trapped in what i think was a nuclear cellar for many years and one day the cellar becomes unjammed and he is able to enter the real world, and so on and so forth, i dont really recall who is in the movie or anything after that first part, i thought it was called back to the future but to my surprise it is not, so please help.

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Blast from the Past?
Yours sound cooler.

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I think it is blast from the past. But not sure.

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Blast from the Past, with Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone – Sissy Spacek?. 1999?

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Blast from the Past.

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We old-timers would call them “fallout shelters”..


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yeah! it was blast from the past thank you everyone!!!!

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Don’t worry, you’ll get more reinforcement, I’m sure.

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Did we forget to mention…That it’s called A Blast from the Past?

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i guess so everyone else said it was “blast from the past” but im sure i could have figured out it was A blast from the past.

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And Christopher Walken! how can you forget Christopher Walken!?

Oh, I think it’s called “A Blast from the Past.”

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