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Why do women always want to spend money?

Asked by luke101 (49points) January 30th, 2011

I know a woman that always likes to spend money and never wants to save money or never thinks about making money. When she gets paid she quickly spends her money until it is all gone. Then when her money is all gone she like s to ask me for money to spend. But no matter the amount of money I give her she spends it on stuff. Why is this?

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The question itself is such a gross all possible meanings of the word generalization that it’s silly. As to the details, if you keep giving her money, then you need to explore your own problems, not hers.

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Maybe she has a problem with impulse spending when she doesn’t really need to. Maybe she likes shopping and it gives her a lift. Why would you give her money? Is it for rent, or for child support or something? If its for a specific purpose then it should go towards that, but if you’re just giving her money for no set reason then she can do what she wants with it.

Just talk to her and find out, that’d be the easiest (and the best, probably) way to find out.

Not all women are like that, though I hate spending money.

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Girls love shopping. The only reason she is spending is either she is crazy OR she wants to get stuff she doesnt really need. we all do that well not me but all the other girls my sister does that

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@gothchick1 : see first two responses.

Well, that worked til @troubleinharlem edited…;-)

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Way to generalize. I’m a girl and I don’t like shopping. I like to save my money and then use it for something worth it (ie: apartment money, medical bills, etc). Your question can only speak for the woman in your question. She might be an impulse buyer like @troubleinharlem said or maybe she just likes to be showy. Also, stop giving her money. By giving her money you’re enabling her to continue what she’s doing.

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Your question makes me want to over-generalize and ask you:
Why do men give money to women who they know will just blow it on stuff they may not need?

Certainly you realize not ALL women or ALL men demonstrate a particular financial style just because of their gender.

I agree with @ducky_dnl—quit giving her money if you think she handles it irresponsibly. If (and only if) she is open to your providing some advice on how she might better handle her finances perhaps you can teach her the basics on setting and keeping a budget.

I’m a woman and I do not like to spend money, and am the “responsible bill payer”. It’s not a male / female thing to “like” to save or to “like to spend”.

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I see it as the opposite. Guys like big toys with big price tags. ~

But seriously:
It is up to each of us (gender aside) to be responsible in balancing wants with needs and what one can afford.

The girl you are talking about sounds like she has compulsive spending issues and you are enabling her.

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Girls love saving as well. we are very hard to figure out ya know?

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Generalize much? When I was married, I had to take the check book and finances away from my husband because he would spend everything that we made, and not pay the bills. We had a very healthy income, and were constantly barely scraping by just because he had to keep up with the Jones.

Not all women like to buy stuff, but society certainly seems to portray them that way.

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They all don’t. Clearly this one has a serious problem. Avoid her like the plague. She’s nothing but trouble.

I hope you’re getting your money’s worth.

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My husband and I have an agreement to never make a major purchase without talking it over first. To be honest, I’m the saver. I really don’t enjoy shopping, even at the grocery store. It is a chore to me. But to each their own. If she enjoys shopping and has the means to spend; more power to her. I think it is something we are taught as children.

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My partner and I hate shopping, except sometimes when we are together and turn it into an adventure. She might be the cheapest person I know. Come to think of it, I don’t think I know any women who really do like to go shopping.

Probably the only women who love shopping are those that buy into the bullshit they’re forcefed about gender roles.

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The woman you know is not a woman, she is a person, an individual. She sounds like she has a problem with money.

It is not because she is a woman!

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Apparently you’ve fallen into the clutches of Twistin’ Matilda! ;-o

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I’ll daresay there are plenty of female jellies who can say the same thing about males they live with or know. As for your specific question, maybe she’s trying to fill a need you aren’t perceptive or sensitive enough to see. At any rate, are you asking this chauvinistic-sounding question to stir jellies up or is there something you’d like to help this woman?

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Now I wonder if my partner will come on this thread and mention my former addiction to military surplus bulk rates.

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I’m a woman and I like to save money. I don’t think it is a male female thing. Although if I was going to generalize I would say women tend to buy more often, but less expensive things, and men tend to spend less often, but big expensive things.

I think women get a bad wrap because they usually have responsibility of shopping for he family, and men lose touch with how often kids need new things. Also women have more stuff thatneeds replacing like make-up and bras, and hose/tights etc.

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Because they’re stupid and impractical.

There are many women like me who have already commented above to express that they are savers, or just don’t like shopping. We’re the practical types. But there’s also the type who, not possessing the intellect to have real hobbies, do enjoy shopping. It might be a stereotype, but there is a very real segment of the female population that syncs up with it. They’re the ones having inane conversations in dressing rooms when I suck up my courage and attempt to buy a pair of jeans.

You can ask the same question of men. There are plenty of stupid, impractical men who can’t handle money. They just don’t have a well-known matching stereotype.

@incendiary_dan Looks like I don’t need to.

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@hobbitsubculture I don’t really consider myself to have hobbies, and I am one of the savers. My husbands hobby is racing Porsches. It costs us a small fortune. Just sayin’. But, I get your point. Basically you are saying the women have nothing better to do, and have empty minds. Lol. I kind of think everyone has some sort of vice or addiction. For some it is shopping. I actually get a thrill watching my bank account grow, similar to my husbands thrill at going 120 miles an hour I guess.

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@JLeslie No wonder you said that men spend less often, but get big expensive things. ;) I have tons of weird hobbies, but as @incendiary_dan mentioned, I’m extremely cheap. Last night I bought a $15 Megaminx, and I felt like that was a carelessly large purchase, even though my finances are in order and this thing will entertain me for hours.

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@hobbitsubculture and I bet you take it as a compliment he says you may be the cheapest person he knows. I do when my husband says it lovingly about me.

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@hobbitsubculture :) my husbands gig is way out there, but men do tend to like stereos and big screen tv’s stuff like that.

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I’ve found the opposite to be true.

Most women I know manage their money quite well. Men on the other hand, at least 80% of the ones in my family, can’t restrain themselves. I often have various loans out to multiple male relatives because of this.

My uncle still owes me that last $200…

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