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Tell me about the first time you got drunk.

Asked by Spargett (5377points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Describe the circumstance, thoughts, fears, etc. How different it was than you’d imagined. Stories…

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This isn’t a question

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I cut school with a few friends, and sat around in a circle drinking vodka. We had two styrofoam cups that we passed between us.. One was vodka, and the other was water to kill the burn. On my third sip, they switched cups on me, so I took a little sip of water and a gulp of vodka!

I got pretty sick, and was the butt of a lot of jokes. I was only 15 at the time, and it was a very long time after that before I wanted to drink again.

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14 years old, with classmates, freezing my ass off at the beach, hiding between the larger rocks with a case of beer and a boombox. Until the next morning I was sure it wasn’t having any effect on me at all…I was just in a good mood…
It was fun, but having to hide the hangover wasn’t!!

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The fist time I got drunk was when I was seventeen. I held out because I was straight edge for a good few years [] . It got to the point where I thought it ridiculous to hate something that I had never tried. My party-going, drinker friends were ecstatic, as in, there was no shortage of peer pressure. That being said. I got pretty trashed.
Beer was the medium and I remember hating the taste, hard to remember what that’s like. The feeling was euphoric and eveyone was acting kind of silly. I didn’t do anything too stupid and don’t remember getting a hangover, which is also hard to remember what that’s like.

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peedub, the link didn’t work for me. It said Bad title.

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Better, thanks!

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Do you have a story to share on this topic?

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New Years party, sophomore year of HS, UCSC, Porter dorms.
I had shots beer. I had had alcohol before.. and I can handle my drinks. I got drunk, but I didn’t yak or anything (thank goodness).
I don’t remember everything about that night, but I remember some of it and my friends filled me in on the rest.

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Sorry to disappont, but I’ve never drank and don’t plan on it at this point. I’m 25 years old now.

I started touring as a musician when I was 16, that in combination with growing up in an alcoholic household made me
certain I had no interest in the substance. I’ve seen and expienced the effects first hand and decided that its just not for me.

I don’t label myself as “straight edge” or any group or trend. Its just a personal choice I’ve made for myself.

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I was under 10 I think! My parents had a Christmas party and thought it would be cute to have me bring everyone their drinks. After a while I got curious and started taking a gulp of each one just to try it. It didn’t take long for me to get pretty snockered and I lost my “job” and got sent to bed!!!

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Not disappointing, rather commendable.

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At least you don’t do it for the right reasons.

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I’m not sure what you’re getting at. That seems like a redundant statement.

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All I’m saying is that there was a point in time when I didn’t do it because of a “trend” or to be a part of a “group” which I don’t feel are the right reasons, that’s all.

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Correlary: What is the pleasure of getting drunk, getting sick and having a violent hang-over. Is that considered fun?

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@gailcalled- Have you ever been drunk?

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Once – after drinking very little. I think that my body treats alcohol as a toxic substance. When I was young, I would feel ill before any buzz set in. Now I have a glass of red wine from time to time.

And occasionally, back in the days when we “dated,” I would have a guy get staggeringly and flamboyantly sick in the street…not a turn-on

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I don’t drink, nor does my boyfriend. We both don’t see the appeal. We both kind of see it as sad when people seem to start to need it to have ‘fun’. It mostly just seems like a Bad Idea. Also, i’m not an advocate of killing brain cells unnecessarily.

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I have a story similar to Babo. I was 8 and at my aunt and uncle’s wedding reception. Everyone was dancing, and I think I took it upon myself to taste from the cups and glasses at all the tables. Later, I was asking mom to tell the band to turn the volume down and then I threw up in the bathroom.

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@kev; at least you made it to the bathroom!

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i was fourteen and my buddy his parents had a big liquor cabinet. He filled up 5 20oz soda bottles. One whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, and rum. I decided i needed to try a shot or two of everything to see what i liked. I got alcohol poisoning. I puked all over his bathroom and even on his new air jordans. i woke up in the rec room floor next to a ping-pong table. i felt like death. I never really got over it. Last time i tried to do a shot i gagged. i like beer though.

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The first time i got drunk was pretty funny.I was 14 and it was new years eve.I started drinking champagne pretty early and when the whole family was eating I started laughing and couldn’t stop. My parents were somewhat embarassed but it was pretty funny. I love that feeling of being drunk, i wasnt tired or anything. I had a blast!

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a bunch of friends on my lacrosse team wanted to have a party at this kids house cus his dad was going to be out of town. he said he would but then he stiffed us and didnt show up at his own house. so then we went to this girls house, got pretty drunk. i went outside to pee in a tree then my friend was on his way back from getting more beer and he found me passed out face down on the side walk. then i went downstairs, shotgunned two more beers. we left and went to pick up this friend of a friend who stole a bunch of stuff from this house where some girl was babysitting. i mean he had a lot of stuff. bb gun, 2 ibooks, 3 digital SLRs. i was passed out in the back bed of my friends conversion van. this kid we picked up wanted us to drive him around while he shot out car windows with the bb gun. they all thought i didnt know what was going on but i said i did so they asked me and i basically gave that synopsis, and they were like shit. so we took this kid around then dropped him off and then they went to mc donalds and didnt get me shit as we drove through. then we went back to a friends and i passed out on his stairs and him mom found me and she grabbed me and i just booked upstairs. haha it was a fun night

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The first time I got drunk, I was 15 and at my cousin Jamie’s wedding. My mom let me drink champagne, and my cousin Ben and his wife kept making me take sips of their beer/wine. Needless to say, being 15, under 100 pounds, and never having had alcohol before, it didn’t take long before I was drunk. My mom was a bit tipsy herself and didn’t really care (we’re a family of hard partyers, by the way!) and eventually most of my family and I was out on the dance floor dancing to awesome 80s music until almost 2 in the morning. It was fun, safe, in a good environment, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m really glad that that was my initiation into the world of drinking!
It was especially funny the next day when I was hungover and didn’t know it. I felt sick, but I thought hangovers were only headaches, and I didn’t have a headache so I was convinced I wasn’t hungover, despite my family insisting I was.

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haha ok you will like this one. I was with a group of guys about two years older than me, all regular drinkers. I was 15 at the time. They wanted to do a power hour and drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour so thats what we did. By the time we were through I had had 6 beers. As I kept drinking time went by. A few hours later, I was in the basement and started puking. One of the guys whom I didn’t know was pretty drunk too and said since he was colorblind he would clean it up. So he did, with his barehands haha. Oddly, 10 years down the road he is one of my closest friends, but thankfully i’ve never had to return the favor of cleaning up his puke.

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It was sophomore year in high school and a group of friends and I stayed over night at Ana’s sister’s house across the street. When I started to get tipsy, I leaned up against the gas stove and almost caused a fire :[ Then by the end of the night when I was drruuuunkkk I drunk dialed this hot guy from myspace who’s number I got early that day. I could’ve died :/ But I don’t let the past slow me down!

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In a tent on the lower level of our house. I’ll never forget Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright” playing that night! Especially the line, “Got a belly full of beer!”

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