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Do you like reggae?

Asked by WastaBwoy (152points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Or do you love it? Favorites?

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This record label is my favorite for reggae:

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I love Reggae! Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, anybody with the last name of Marley!

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I’m more of a dub/dubstep fan myself but I do like reggae.

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we da rasta!

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My opinion about reggae is that there only needs to be one song. Really.

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Love the Reggae : Roots, Dub, Lovers’, Toasting, Rock Steady. Love the King Tubby, Gregory Isaacs, I-Roy, Wailing Souls, Prince Fari, Twinkle Brothers, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Sugar minott, Freddie McGregor. Throw away the comb and light up the chalice.

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I’m from Pennsylvannia and idk if it’s really that popular around here but me and most of my friends love reggae.

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oh and some favorites are marleys, matisyahu (which is technically folk but it sounds like reggae) and others I only like one or two songs of them

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