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What color(s) do you associate with dads?

Asked by amwelles (26points) April 13th, 2008

I’m creating a website targeted toward fathers, and I’m looking for a color or two to incorporate.

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Blue. It’s a calm colour, much like a dad is often expected to be and when it comes to babies – and parenting- it is the colour typically associated with the masculine.

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Blues, browns, and anything plaid.

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dark blues, greys, dark greens, browns/tans.. pretty much earthy tones.

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Try this

If you are looking for a single color I am thinking dark brown. Dig around at the link above if you want to find a eye pleasing palette.

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I like blues and greens

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Deep colors. Such a Maroon, Forrest Green and Navy Blue.

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Navy blue or perhaps British racing green

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British racing green? What the? What kind of color is that?

I was just going to say plain ol’ green. Perhaps dark blues and browns.

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LOL, yeah I can see how that looked ridiculous. I always called it hunter green until my friend corrected me.

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ohhh!! Ok. Now I shall no longer call “hunter green, hunter green..” from now on its British racing green… Which sounds way more cooler to he honest with ya.
[you learn something new everday,]

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I like to sound like a ponce sometimes.

Me a few minutes ago:

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hahah. Its all good.

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