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Should strip clubs only admit women (patrons) if they're with a man?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19031points) January 30th, 2011

Why/why not?

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I don’t see why. Lesbians, for instance, have as much right to go to strip clubs as anyone else, and I see no reason to demand they be accompanied by a man to do so.

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I don’t have a clue why you would do that… or a sense that it happens enough to be a problem.

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women should be allowed unescorted. I know a number of women that love going to the local Gold Club. they behave a lot better than men.

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No….. why would they? I don’t see how that would even be a consideration.

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No, anyone (minus children) should be allowed. As a side note, I walked past one with a guy the other day and the bouncer at the door said “we welcome couples” hahhaha

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Of course not.
Lesbian or not, there are plenty of women who enjoy strip clubs and I would consider it an insult if I needed a man with me to see some tittays. Besides, a strip club might lose some business if they operated that way and I’m pretty sure all most of them care about is money.

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Strip clubs should let anyone in I think, anyone that is of legal age. Why not? Though they have the right to refuse service to anyone I think, I don’t see any reason not to let unaccompanied women in.

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The strippers treat the female patrons the same as male patrons. As long as they get their money, they don’t care who they strip for. In fact, I think some of the strippers prefer to dance for women. At least the one who danced for me seemed to feel that way. ;)

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I really don’t see why there would be a issue over this?

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Only if you also make them cover themselves from head to toe and go everywhere escorted by a male family member. ~

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so @papayalily what’s up with the question? Is this your version of “Do you think football should be banned?”

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What the hell, no way.

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@6rant6 I don’t even know what that means. But the question comes from an experience a couple nights ago where that happened to my friends and I – all lesbians/bisexual gals, no men. I didn’t get it, but I thought maybe it was really common and you guys would know something.

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@papayalily You didn’t get in or all of you didn’t get in?

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@lillycoyote All of us. We were turned away.

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@papayalily That’s terrible. :(

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@jonsblond I felt especially rejected because we were already pretty liquored up, and we probably would have started making out with each other if someone had asked (which is what we do when boozed up anyway, because we’re lonely).
ETA: It’s a place we can walk to – there was no driving involved.

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@papayalily Looks like they lost out on some good money that evening. Their loss.

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@papayalily What the ass? Fuck that place then. That usually does not happen, although if you guys were drunk and they thought you might be a problem, that’s up to them. I don’t get the gender shit though.
And anyways aren’t most people in strip clubs always drunk as fuck lol?

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@Symbeline We were specifically told it was our lack of a man that was an issue.

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Egads…did you ask why a man was needed?

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@Symbeline Yes, but all we got was “Because that’s our policy”. The conversation kinda went in a circle from their, and I really didn’t have the energy to get into an intellectual debate with anyone.

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“Because that’s our policy”. Ugh. The man didn’t have the balls to tell the truth. Just sayin’.

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@jonsblond So then what was the truth?

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Who knows? But “because that’s our policy” is a bunch of bs. imo

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@papayalily Denno what to tell ya. That sucks. But if I ever run a strip club, I’m inviting you over. :)

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Maybe it wasn’t the real reason. I remember one time, a million years ago when I still did this kind of stuff, the bouncer wouldn’t let us into a club we wanted to go to. He gave us one, two then another lame reason and we all just went around and around and we wouldn’t leave or stop arguing with him. He finally leaned in real close and whispered “I would love to let you folks in, but the three of you are absolutely just reeking of pot and we can’t have that here.” That was the end of it. At least he finally told us the truth. Maybe you guys were too drunk and they didn’t want you in there. I don’t know what the laws are but maybe if the bouncer acknowledges that he knows you are drunk and something happens later, you’re involved in an accident, they might have some liability if they had knowledge of how drunk you were, even if you didn’t get drunk at their club. I don’t know, I don’t know what the laws are about this, just speculating. I’m just thinking, as @jonsblond points out, the reason stated for not letting you may have been bullshit.

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Is it even legal to insist on a man being there?

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It sounds to me like that club’s policy is based purely on homophobia. Does your state have anti-discrimination laws on the grounds of gender and/or sexuality?

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What the? Why wouldn’t a woman be allowed in on her own :/ You’d think they’d want PLENTY of women in there because it attracts more men to the club, owners are stupid.

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Anyone with ca$h should be allowed in.)

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I don’t think so. Surely that’s discrimination.

Does this place you went to have a website? Maybe it explains their “policy” on there. I would be tempted to make a formal complaint about that just to see what bullshit excuses came back and if you were compensated in any way. Maybe they are just old fashioned in their views on such things but discrimnination is discrimination.

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@papayalily That’s horrible. Have you thought about calling the club and asking them about it? I’d probably call and ask to speak with a manager and ask them what their policy is for women coming into their establishment as patrons. If they don’t mention the guy thing, I’d point out to the manager that you were turned away and the reason you were given is that you were all women and you didn’t have a man with you.

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That’s ridiculous. I could understand you and your friends being turned away because you were already drunk, but not because you didn’t have a man in your party. If you’re all over the age of majority it shouldn’t matter what gender you are.

Maybe they were thinking that you wouldn’t spend and just watch?
Was there a cover charge or a “drink minimum”?
I’m just trying to wrap my head around this.

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I think @lillycoyote nailed it.

On its face it’s a stupid “policy” and one that wouldn’t withstand a legal challenge. But the bouncer probably doesn’t have the brains to come up with a better reason (other than an unpleasant truth that he doesn’t want to say for some reason), so that was it.

If you’re already “liquored up”, then they won’t be able to serve you more liquor without risking a huge liability issue if you drive (or even walk in front of a bus) later on. And without being able to serve you liquor, then there’s no profit in having you come in, and if you do start to get frisky with each other, then you’re a distraction to the other patrons and the employees (the dancers).

So there’s no upside to letting you inside in that condition.

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Seems this arrangement is just __begging__ for you to join the next guy who goes in. Maybe it’s for the benefit of their regular customers. “Sure me and the four lesbians want a table in the back.” I’m so there.

It also occurs to me it may not have been acting as a strip club that night, but carrying on some shameful and illicit behavior. And they were turning everyone away. I thinking maybe it was a Tea Party meeting?

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@Seelix We weren’t drunk, just tipsy – 2 drinks, max. We’ve actually all gone before, same group, WAY more drunk, spent a lot, and had no problems – the guy even recognized us (and they had no problems with us last time).

@downtide @Leanne1986 Yes, it’s discrimination. I’d do something but the business changes hands every 6 months, so I don’t think there’s a whole lot to be done. They don’t have a website, although I have complained via Google/Yelp about it.

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@papayalily If you owed me a favor (which no one does) I’d ask you to go to the management some quiet weekday and explain what happened and say, “We want to come here. We came here before. Will you change your policy to let us in?”

I’m just fascinated to see if common sense and civil discourse can do anything.

If it didn’t work, I’d recommend peeing on the door. But maybe that’s just me.

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@6rant6 Thing is, peeing on the door when you’re a woman is just as much of a punishment for you as it is for the door owner.

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The last time I went (with a female friend for fun) I was told that I had to be with a guy. So I said, “We’re with that guy right there.” He turned around, said “Yeah, they’re with me.” We walked inside and he went his way and we went ours. Never seen him before in my life. Even if there is a rule like that, there are ways to get around it pretty easily.

The next time we went, we didn’t have any trouble getting in. Then again, the fact that this drunk guy kept buying me lap dances from this bio major who discussed the cost of books and the merits of instructors with me while shaking her tits in my face and raking in the dough didn’t hurt. The girls kind of like when other females are there and they can play it up and get better tips from all the horny guys who love a girl on girl thing.

The only thing I can think of with discriminating against lesbians is the possibility that customer’s expressions of sexuality might distract the other paying people from what they’re supposed to be paying for. You said that you probably would have started making out, I can see how this might be a bit of a distraction from what’s happening on the stage that people are supposed to be paying attention to. Probably something they’ve thought about too.

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@klutzaroo But there’s no issue with a man kissing his girlfriend if they go together – do I not have a right to express my love (ok, lust) towards my partner should I so choose? The distraction argument has been used everywhere – I used to get it at Starbucks when I held my girlfriend’s hand, that I was distracting the other customers.

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@papayalily If they’re doing enough of it, it might be an issue too. But just think about the typical patrons of titty bars and their entertainment preferences. The establishment is there for them and their workers to make money. Those girls are up there shaking their asses to pay the bills, if the guys are paying more attention to you, they might not make the rent or whatever. It sucks and I don’t agree with it, but I can see the other side.

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@klutzaroo Really? Because it was just us 3 girls, standing outside in the cold. Not doing anything. There was no reason to believe that we’d start doing it right there in the club any more than women who are accompanied by a man – and it’s not like you’d be hard pressed to find a strip club patron who likes voyeurism no matter what the pairing. I’m not talking about kicking us out after bad behavior, I’m talking about denying us entry because we had no male with us.

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@papayalily Women who want to go to a strip club without being dragged by a man are always under suspicion of being a potential disruption to business as usual. Who knows why entirely, but its just a business thing. Some clubs have dress codes, titty bars have gender rules. It sucks, but the business having rules isn’t uncommon.

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There’s another term for a strip club: men’s club. If that’s their actual policy (and not, as others have suggested, just an excuse), maybe it is so because they simply believe some men would find it uncomfortable (i.e., they like to objectify women by themselves).

I, for one, would not give a rat’s ass.

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I could see how they might not want unaccompanied women if they’d had prostitutes marketing themselves there or if they’d had women who were trying to drive away business because they opposed the club’s purpose. Does that happen? I know there are women here of Fhuther who are militantly opposed to strip clubs. Or sex workers of any kind. Or sex for all I know.

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This happened to me and I was told it was because the owner was afraid women who worked the streets would try to work the customers.

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