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Am I the only person on Fluther into cryptanalysis?

Asked by hobbitsubculture (2158points) January 30th, 2011

All the hobbies and interests that I had listed in my profile are now listed as topics, save one. Cryptanalysis didn’t transfer to topics with everything else. Is this because it isn’t a topic anyone has asked questions about, until now? Am I really the only cryptanalysis geek on Fluther? I’m asking partly out of curiosity, and partly because I know I’ll be able to add cryptanalysis once I ask this (EDIT: This is not the case. Only three topics showed up.) Anyone else into cracking old school ciphers? How about cryptograms? ZC PL LQ TH LQ RU WU UE ON NL HF AN UR VT IP AW!

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Ogay akemay emay away andwichsay.

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I’ve seen several crypto questions and a few here are good at it. Maybe @jerv and @jaytkay.
Also @mattbrowne —try PMing these folks
I am interested but not skilled. My biggest thrill was getting to use a real live enigma machine in the NSA’s historic collections.

@bob_ ay ryptocay andwichsay on’tway illfay ouryay ummytay!

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I am very interested in ciphers. I was going to try to memorize binary though, but that seems really hard. I also memorized a secret code put of a book at can write it as easily as English.

sometimes I will write a whole paragraph of it in class before I realize and have to redo it.

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Enough to really love Stephenson’s Cryptnomicon but that’s pretty much it.

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Someone else [@coffeenut] has a similar Q going right now on the same subject:
and @jerv has given some interesting feedback

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@anartist It’s awesome that you got to use an Enigma. I’m guessing you don’t get to keep the coded message, but that would be the coolest souvenir ever.

I’m not exactly a skilled cryptographer either. Good enough to wish there were cryptograms that use something other than a simple substitution cipher, but probably bad enough that I’d be stumped by the majority of puzzles if I could get my hands on such a thing.

@ratboy Looked into it awhile ago, but there was some kind of membership fee. That might have been when I was unemployed, so maybe it’s affordable now.

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