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My iHome randomly shuts off...

Asked by Allie (17441points) April 13th, 2008

Sometimes when I’m listening to music on my iHome, it just stops playing music. It starts up again once I push the play/pause button on either the remote or the actual iHome like nothing happened. What the heck is going on?

(If you need to know, I have an 80G iPod Classic.)

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I found this.

I’m still looking but I think you might be out of luck until Apple fixes the problem. And the problem seems to be the iPod and not the iHome.

You can contact Apple here.

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Hmm.. That’s a bummer. Thanks for the info though.

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random, this started happening to me today. I watched a movie on my macbook through the ihome last night, and have had the thing for years with no problems. I can’t figure it out, but is annoying.

Allie, did you get anywhere with this?

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I just received my IP1C and powered it on with my iPod Classic as the playing device.
The IP1C keeps shutting itself off and then turning right back on again but only with the volume somehow turned way down low.
I realize this blog is somewhat old but I really would like to know if there ever was a fix for this problem.
Please let me know at


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