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What food are you scared of?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33744points) January 31st, 2011

Is there a certain kind of food that just freaks you out? Personally, I love sushi, but I know a lot of people who just can’t stomach it. Maybe you hate the texture of something? I can’t stand okra. Yuck! Or perhaps it’s the taste? I hate a certain Japanese food called natto, fermented soybeans.

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I can’t shake the feeling that if I eat any peanut products I could die.

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Organs and innards. No thanks.

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Things that move, things that make me go Huh and anything slimy and not kosher.

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i would say anything that is slimy and is moving, like live squid. also tahini yuk

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Liver, and other disturbing internal organs like the stomach. Yuck, man!

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Including jellyfish – though I hear they’re a delicacy in some places.

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Fear or hate? I am quite scared of the Puffer Fish, or Fugu… The poison in it is called ‘tetrodotoxin’ which has enough syllables to be scary, without even ingesting it. What if I can’t understand a menu, accidentally order it and have the misfortune to get the bit with the poison in it??? I saw the Simpsons, I know what can happen. Be afraid of the cute Puffer fish, be very afraid.

Oh, I’m with @YARNLADY, on the hate front. Tripe smells awful, brains… eugh!

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Liver, tongue, brains, tripe Mtn Oysters. Butt steak is hard enough for me to cook.

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Like some of the previous answers, I’m scared of animals guts and inerds. Also I’m scared of balut.

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I really hate it. ;)

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For me it has to be tripe – yuck!!! but I buy it for my dogs and they adore it

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If it’s green and pulsing and moves around…or starts to eat anything else on my plate…

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Head Cheese, Souse, tripe, brains, mountain oysters, some seafood, bugs, worms, grubs, and anything alive.

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mayo and balut

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Seafood. I mean, who wants to swallow spongebob…..just ewwww!

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Durian fruit. And Miracle Whip too.

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the insects…from the China episode of An Idiot Abroad

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Steak tartare

Why is there always a raw egg on top, just adds to the ‘unappetizing-ness”.

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Radishes. They make your brain crunchy.

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Mayonnaise and most seafood. And goddamn mayonnaise. I really, really hate it.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities: If you give me all of your mayonnaise, I’ll give you all of my radishes.

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Peas. Canned asparagus (it comes out all smooshy and smells like something gross). Anchovies. Mashed potatoes from flakes, blech.

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Nothing. I am a food warrior!

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Scared of is different than don’t like. I am scared of anything related to the nervous system like brain, or if a piece of the spine was accidentally ground in sausage or something, especially in mammals. My fear is related to Mad Cow and prions.

@IHateMusic If you are being serious, and I assume you are, you might have once heard that one bad peanut can lead to liver trouble that kills you. I kind of remember it being 100% chance it will damage your liver if you get one of these bad peanuts. Not sure where that story comes from, if it is an old wives tale, or some remote piece of truth or what. Pretty much I assume it isn’t true. Most of Amerca eats peanuts in some form. Not that I am trying to convince you of anything, just was thinking you fear might be from overhearing or being told a similar story.

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No offal (or “variety meats” as I’ve heard this called). The smell of offal, even cooked, leads me to irrationally think that no matter how much it’s been cooked and cleaned, there’s still some (pardon the vulgarity) piss or shit in there somewhere, so no haggis, no kidneys, livers, no chitlins, no.

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In case anyone is interested, here is a link about the peanuts.

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…But, really – ‘offal’ can be really good! Steak and Kidney pie, faggots and peas, actually, Haggis too. @aprilsimnel – there’s no piddle nor poo in any of these foods! Not now anyway. There might have been a couple of hundred years ago. But look – we survived!

Rather eat good quallity offal than many processed meats any day – hate cheap sausages, they probably have offal in anyway!

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In my family, we fought over the turkey gizzard at Thanksgiving. One of my favorite meats is tongue. I watch Bizarre Foods and think, “Oh, that looks good!”

I suppose the thing that really terrifies me is an oversized box of cheap candy that’s already been opened. I’m afraid an ungodly amount of it will force its way into my mouth.

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I can’t eat raw cheese. No thank you, get it away from me.

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bacon, liver, stomach, anything gelatinous

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I am not really afraid of any food…
Maybe chocolate, because it makes you fat. But still I am an athletic person so I can actually eat whatever food I want to eat. I just finished eating chocolate :)

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@deni Can I have your cheese please? Any variety will do

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I wouldn’t like sheep’s head or anything that looked back at me from the table.

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Lutefisk. This is a seriously gaggy thread.

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@JilltheTooth: I’ve never had it, but I like you say it. :P

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Wild game, tripe, haggis.

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@JLeslie I’m allergic to them. If I eat anything that contains peanuts I am at risk of going into anaphylactic shock.
My throat will close up D:

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Definitely tripe. And gagh.

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mayo makes me boke.

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@IHateMusic Oh. Hahahahaha. Then never mind with my stories. Scary allergy though. Especially since it can affect being able to eat many chocolates, I find that depressing :).

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Shrimps, muscles, whelks, in fact all the bottom dwellers that live on shit! :-/
Err sorry, waste! YYYAAAKKK! Spit!! :-(

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I think I’ve eaten and enjoyed most of the things people mention on this thread. On Friday I had tongue tacos. It’s been awhile since I had pho with everything in it, including tripe and tendon, but my partner and I were thinking of getting Vietnamese sometime around our anniversary. I have a deer heart in my freezer I keep meaning to make chili out of.

I’ve never purposefully eaten bugs, but I intend to try. Perhaps fried with teriyaki sauce.

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@incendiary_dan save that deer heart for pickling. Nothing better than a jar of pickled heart at a super bowl party.

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@WestRiverrat That sounds like a great idea. I figure I’ll be the only one eating it anyway. My partner hasn’t quite gotten up to eating organ meats yet, and was only a fan of the venison when I made Filipino adobo with it.

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Blood pudding completely freaks me out. First of all, it’s fucking blood, and it looks like a huge log.

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@Symbeline Add that to something I like. My mom’s family is mostly French Canadian. Blood sausage is quite similar to blood pudding.

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@partyparty all of it, forever, absolutely.

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@augustlan saw it in the store for the first time ever like 2 months ago. i literally screamed. I was horrified!

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@deni My ex-husband is Jewish, and we had that on our table every year for Passover. I couldn’t even make myself try it. It even smells icky.

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@augustlan I had never seen it, or eaten it until I dated this Jewish guy in my early 20’s. Yuck. My family never served gefilte fish. I grew up mostly on Italian food and basic American type dinners. For Passover my grandma made Pot Roast or Chicken Captain.

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I can’t eat any of the sea ‘bugs’. All shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc look like big insects to me. And ditto as well to innerds!

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@faye: When I tell people that lobsters are just giant bugs, people get so angry at me. ;)

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Now I want to go put my crayfish traps out. But the ponds are all frozen over. :(

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@faye @KatawaGrey I agree bugs. More like roaches. The worst is crawfish in my opinion. I won’t even link you a photo. Ooooh it gives me the eeby jeebies. I do eat shrimp, and sometimes crab. But, if I think about it, it starts to freak me out. Maybe the Jews were right about that one lol. Pretty much if I think about any animal it can be upsetting though.

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The only food I am actually afraid of is coconut…I’m allergic.
I cannot stand to smell collards cooking. It smells like a giant fart and why would anyone want to eat anything that smells like that when it is cooking??
Now having said that, I love seafood of most kinds, oysters (yum!) shrimp lobster crab crawfish (mudpuppies) would all have a place on my plate. Sushi? Uh, no! I want my fish cooked unless I’m stranded on an island and have no means to cook it. Oh, and octopus will not be on any menu at my house either.
@JLeslie: Maybe the Jews were right about that one lol.
But they don’t eat bacon?? There’s reason enough I could never be Jewish! :D

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@VS Reformed Judaism, you can eat what you want.

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