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How do you calm down when you've got ants in your pants?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33030points) January 31st, 2011

I’m nervous most of the time and a bit jumpy.

When you get nervous or jittery, what do you do to calm down?

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You can practice mindfulness, which is “bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis”. It helps to bring things into perspective.

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@hawaii_jake Take a nice bubble bath, light some candles and listen to this :) sorry the video sucks but the music is soothing

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Meditate. Belly breathing and meditation together works wonders.

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Smoke Weed.

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…Why the fuck would I want to calm down? I have fuckin’ ants in my pants. That’s real damn important and shouldn’t be dealt with through deep-breathing exercises, but rather through excessive force, quick thinking, and by screaming like a girl.

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I take my dogs for a long walk on the moors. Lots of fresh air and exercise always do it for me.

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Usually, something physical helps, so I think @Fred931‘s on to something. A quick walk, some jumping jacks, straightening up the kitchen, etc.

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A fast walk helps me the most.

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Stretching works wonders. I force myself to take it at a very slow, relaxed pace, complete with deep, slow breathing. Occasionally I will exhale with a soft shushing sound as if I am telling my mind and body to quiet themselves.

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Chamomile tea, passion flower tea, will clam you down.

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Put on some upbeat music and dance ‘til you’re out of breath (to shake the ants out). Then deep breathing ‘til your heart rate goes back to normal :)

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I smoke a joint.

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@augustlan Thanks for making me look like I was trying to be serious. :3

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