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Can a PS3 play PS2 Games?

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) January 31st, 2011 from iPhone

I have a PS2 and i want to buy a PS3 slim 160 GB.I want to now if i can play the PS2 games on PS3.

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I don’t think they make them anymore where you can play ps2 games. There were certain ones they put out that did. There were only a few. Try Gamestop, they sometimes have them rebuilt and they would know what you’re looking for.

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Only the Old ps3s, not the slim ones… I think It might be hard to get one of those theese days, sadly..

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Some models of PS3 can play PS2 games. I honestly don’t know which ones, you’ll have to look it up.

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PS3 slim 160 GB

That model cannot play PS2 games. The only one that can is the old 60 gigs model, which was discontinued. And it didn’t even play all of them. Just keep your PS2.

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@Thammuz – Is correct! Only old large 60gb models that had the memory card slots in the front and 4 USB’s can play PS2 games!

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@Thammuz is correct. Only the 60GB fat model was the only one with reverse compatibility. Although, the Playstation_StoreĀ® offers many PS1 and PS2 games. Unfortunately, unless you’re able find the 60GB model (not to mention if the bluray player {I actually found one at one point, but the bluray player was broke and it was expensive to fix} even works.) you won’t be able to play off of the older discs.

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