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Can you help me create a list of English idioms essentially meaning "poor"?

Asked by LC_Beta (1883points) January 31st, 2011 from iPhone

This is just for fun, and because I haven’t been able to find a similar list online.

I’ll get started:

* Broke as a joke
* Poor as a churchmouse

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In the red
Flat broke
Tapped out
Running on empty

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Living from hand to mouth

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No pot to piss in

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dirt poor

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piss-poor (doesn’t always refer to money, but bad performance, for example)

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* fucked (most accurate description imho)
* potless
* skint
* strapped for cash
* not having two pennies to rub together

note: regarding the first one, thats not just curse words for the sake of it, I hear it used all the time, more precisely, I see it used. I say I see it because it is normall acompanied with body language. the patting off pockets and shaking off the head. “I can’t I’m fucked”.

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* Tight or Tight for cash
* On the soup line / bread line

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Hard up

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Rode hard and put up wet. (refers to poor ‘condition’ or appearance)
something the cat dragged in (ditto)

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stone broke
down at heel
on your uppers

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standing in the bread line
down and out
without a plug nickel
scraping the bottom of the barrel (this works for being financially short on cash or someone who is dating someone of a very low class)
empty pockets

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living on a shoestring
just getting by
falling upon lean times
having a light purse
not knowing where your next meal is coming from

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They are so poor they can’t afford to pay attention.

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