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Do you have any "real" allergies?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) January 31st, 2011

Up until Saturday afternoon I had no known allergies, but I did have a stonking headache! I called the wife and whilst she was out she picked me some medication up. This medication was nothing new to me so I popped two Nurofen Express (other meds are available) and settled down waiting for them to work I knew it would take an hour or so from the last time I had some.
After an hour had elapsed I started to get a rash on my neck which soon spread to my entire body, my face swelled up, lips went numb and voice deepened!
I went straight to A&E (ER) and they sorted me out and kept me in till the next morning.

My question is this: Do you have any “real” allergies?
Non of this I don’t like cats lark or foods you just detest.
I used to think I was allergic to boiled mussels but no, I simply don’t like the taste and it makes me vomit!
I now know what a proper allergy is and it is not nice! No more Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medication for me.

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I’m mildly allergic to opiates, which is a bummer considering all the times I’ve needed hard-core pain meds. It ruins the palliative effect when I get itchy and swell up, although it does distract me somewhat from the original pain. :-/

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Just certain types of people really! That I’m aware of :-/

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I am deathly allergic to alcohol, so no rum punch for me. I also happen to be allergic to bananas which is a bummer living in the tropics. There is a list of medication I’m allergic to as well.

I’ve had the rashes and the throat swelling. It’s all very unpleasant.

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I’m allergic to bee stings and my son is allergic to hazelnuts. We both develop the nasty swelling type reactions. He has an epi-pen but I don’t. I haven’t been stung since I was a kid.

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IV X-ray contrast—> cardiac arrest.

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I am allergic to cats; it’s not a lark in order to avoid cats! I love cats! My eyes swell up, tear and itch, I get hives and my whole body itches in reaction to the type of histamine in cat dander. :(

It’s my only allergy, but I hate it.

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The only medication that I know I’m allergic to so far is Percocet. I also have a lot of environmental and seasonal allergies as well (that lead me into asthma attacks which really suck). No food allergies so far, thankfully.

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I once had a God-awful allergic reaction to Compazine, brand name for a drug used to control severe nausea and vomiting. Not only did it not solve those symptoms, it triggered a reaction of which I’ll spare you the graphic details. Suffice to say I never fail to tell any new doctor about it when they ask the standard question, “Are there any drugs you’re allergic to?”

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Yes, I am allergic to a few medications. Depending on the med my reaction is either rash, or burning skin and very heavy pressure in my chest. Scary shit. I also have some sort of contact dermitis reaction to some sort of natural plant something or other. It happens with some soaps or cosmetics that boast being plant based. Like Biolage shampoo…itch. And, Chanel makes a serum that is plant extracts…redness and irritation.

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I’m assumed to be allergic to penicillin, because both of my parents are. I’ve never been given penicillin, though, so I don’t know what would happen. Maybe nothing.

I’ve also broken out in a ridiculous body rash thanks to some Avon shower gel… No more Avon products for me, thanks!

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I’m allergic to penicillin, no question. The last time I had it, my lips swelled up, which means that another time, my throat could swell up and I could die. However, allergies can come and go. You can be not allergic to poison oak one day and allergic the next. Best to avoid it. My daughter was allergic to cats while growing up, but she wasn’t willing to give up cats. In her twenties, she stopped being allergic. I’m sure someone with more knowledge than I have could explain it. These are just personal experiences. And a few words of advice: don’t scratch rashes. Take a bath with a lot of baking soda in it. Lay on cold cloths. Take aspirin. (itching is low level pain and pain killers may help.)

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@Sunny2 – Pain-killers? Think I’m just a paracetamol man now! Also don’t scratch I agree with that, now it has all died down I can see where I was scratching hard!

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Im allergic to all furry animals. Not too bad, I just get a really runny nose teary eyes congestion and sneeze a lot. Once when I was a kid I pet a horse and my whole face swelled up, looked like the friggin elephant man lol.

Im allergic to every kind of tree/grass/flower that grows in my area. Same deal with the furry animals as far as reaction goes.

Im allergic to some sort of muscle relaxer but I forget which one, got it prescribed for my back and was itchin like a crack head for the next couple days to the point I was bleedin in various spots, not fun.

The worst of my allergies is nuts, pistachios being the worst. I am however extremely lucky with how I am in regards to my nut allergy. I dont have to worry about smelling it and passing out or kissing someone and then dying like some stories you hear. The smell of nuts does make me sick to my stomach, kinda like a spider sense but thats it.

Where I am really lucky is what happens when I do accidentally eat nuts. I generally have 20–30min before I start feeling any effects. So if I can get benedril in my system before that happens Im fine. If I dont notice I ingested any though it gets a bit worse. First thing that happens is I start feeling really sick and all color drains from my face, even my lips turn white and my heart starts pounding really fast and hard. Then I start vomiting profusely. Next comes the swelling and the closing of my throat, which is quite painful when you’re throwing up. After that I start getting vivid hallucinations followed by shaking and feeling like im going to pass out. I dont know what comes after that but id assume a coma/death. Luckily ive only been to the hallucination stage a few times now.

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None that I know of. :\

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I’m allergic to neosporin. If I put it on a cut the area becomes very infected, swells up and scars. I have to take this stuff called Bactroban instead.

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I’m allergic to anything containing penicillin. I’m also allergic to certain types if grass. Food wise I’m allergic to rhubarb.

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penicillin, scallops, oysters, clams

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I had a severe reaction to Cefalexin. I developed a rash over my entire body, and turned bright red. I lit up like a Christmas tree. Half my hair fell out and the rest turned pure white.

I also have a seasonal allergy that causes constant sniffles. While it isn’t as dramatic as the drug reaction, it is none the less very real.

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Pine, dust mites and fruit cake…totally break out in hives!

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I’m allergic to penicillin. It gives me an awful rash.
Unfortunately, I found this out while I had an infection due to severe poison oak. Awful rash on top of awful rash!

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@Likeradar Are you sure it was penicillin? Usually for skin infections other types of antibiotics are prescribed, but there are indeed penicillins that can be used. Just, in America I have never been given penicillin for a skin infection.

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I have a skin reaction to sulfa meds and demerol makes me puke. Some people say throwing up is not an allergy but I don’t want it when I’m in pain!

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@JLeslie It was definitely penicillin, but it may have been for an accompanying throat infection or something. That was a very unhealthy summer. ;(

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Over my 60 years on Earth, I’ve slowly developed an allergy to wasp and honey bee stings. Each time I’m sting the reaction gets worse.

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I once had an allergic reaction to penicillin, with pretty much the same reaction as you – a rash and swelling all over my face, arms and upper body. So I avoid it now. I also get hayfever, and based on the time of year I get the worst symptoms, I’ve figured out it’s mainly tree pollen I’m allergic to rather than grass pollen.

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Lots of them, mostly seasonal pollen, dust mite pellets, animal dander, mold spores, some dyes, and most perfumes. I have a hard time finding stuff like soap and shampoo that I don’t react to – which is stupid, because they add things for marketing reasons that have nothing to do with getting you clean. Another big problem for me is wool; my skin turns beet red and itchy with any contact – even something like cashmere.

A real allergy is one which produces a histamine reaction; this is something that you can be tested for. It involves scratching your skin and swabbing the scratch with a potential allergen. They determine the degree of allergy by the size of the welt.

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None that I currently know about.

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Cilantro. Makes my face and neck red, stomach pains, nausea. If mixed with guacamole, then I throw up.

I’ve also developed allergies to NSAID’s and some blood pressure meds….I get swelling different places-bottom of feet, hands,wrists, eye lids, which usually starts out as a red itchy spot that quickly starts to swell. But the tongue one is the scariest. Been to the ER a few times, now I just take Benedryl when it happens.

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I’m mildly allergic to animal dander and possibly dust/pollen. I am fatally allergic to peniscillan.

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