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How high can one throw a frisbee?

Asked by RHGMCG (8points) April 13th, 2008

vertically. and i mean humanly possible. the best, strongest, throw from a trained hand… 50 ft? 100? 200?

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a frisbee is not supposed to go hig, but long. it depends on the wind. if there is no wind, i would say around 90 ft.

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Why don’t you go outside and test it.

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I agree with mtl_zack. I have personally seen a regular frisbee thrown at least 200 feet. That’s long, not high. I play a lot of Ultimate frisbee, and length is what matters, not height.

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I know how you are SUPPOSED to throw it (i play ultimate too!), but i was playing frisbee golf with some friends and we wanted to go for a target that seemed toooooo high, and then started discussing how high it could actually go…. 90 ft sounds like a reasonable guess. any physicists wanna weigh in on this?

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ok, i just wrote a really long answer and it disappeared because I wasn’t logged in. So, quick answer now, because I have to leave!

I have a small physics background.. The frisbee generates enough lift when thrown horizontally to keep itself afloat, but doesn’t generate thrust, that comes from your hand and how hard you throw it. It travels far and keeps itself off the ground with its lift, and doesn’t lose its initial thrust quickly because its aerodynamic. However, when its thrown vertically, the lift force is now horizontal instead of upwards, so its not helping, plus you have to fight against gravity to push it up and the only force pushing it upwards is the initial thrust force from your hand. Therefore, my prediction would be that you can’t throw it any higher than other object of similar mass. so however high that is = your answer.

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well it depends, if you throw like girl or throw like a guy . it mostly depends on the angle you have your arm and how you grip the frisbee. basiclly you have to find out for yourself, there is no right answer there is no wrong one, you just have to try for yourself.

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