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What exactly is penis envy?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m going to assume that you are asking about the supposed desire of females to have a penis. (involved with oedipus complex for girls, Sigmund Freud).

If you mean just our culture revering large penises…then I don’t know what’s up with that? A sign of fertility or masculinity I guess? There have been many cultures that don’t worship great big penises.

Edit: I forgot to say that this theory along with other Freudian theories have come under a LOT of fire.

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I am a male and have boob envy.

We want what we don’t have.

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Freud was a strange fellow

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sick thought especially since I have a two year old daughter

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there is no way i would want a penis. ever.

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@allie. To own one or to Have one?

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@ allie, well of course, not at the same time as a vagina…

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Wanting a bigger one I would assume.

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Did anyone answer the question??

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I think the link gave the best answer. But I like the other comments

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lol babygalll, yeah realy.

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I think women wish they had something to play with

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So do all you least 24/7.

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And we do! LOL

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hollister: to have one of my own.
shared3: haha.. i wouldn’t want to own one at all. i like being a girl, thank you.

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what? now I’m a bit confused..

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SOME guys out there: 8==D
OTHER guys out there: 8===D
everyone envy’s this guy : 8=======D

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and the answer is?

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Doesn’t my art mean anything?

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I got lost somewhere in the mix. Lol

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I would like to have a penis for a few days just to experience what an orgasm is like for a man. I’ve always bee envious that orgasms seem so much easier for men then women. But in the long run, I love having a vagina & being able to have multiple ones.

Oh yeah, & I want to experience peeing standing up in a forest in the middle of no where…that just seems super cool to me.

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I imagine it’s being a guy at a public urinal, casually glancing over at the next dude and silently thinking….f*ck

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it’s a theory Freud created that, though they may not accept it, women wish they had penises. yeah, Freud was a weirdo hhahaha

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Although I’ve been around the block it’s normal for men to envy the other guy at the urinal.
My BF in HS was 8 ” (of course he had a huge erection while I carefully measured him in my celler in our hometown of JC NJ. Now he’s turning 54 this month I’m 55 and we are both heavier than in HS and he was obsessed with penile enlargement advertisements some yrs ago when we were still talking to eachother.
It’s not quantity – it’s quality. Don’t worry, did Monica worry? I don’t think so.

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