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Biological Clock?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) April 13th, 2008

On behalf a fellow fultherer..I’m not going to mention any names…we or rather HE wants to know what it means when someone says “Is your biological clock ticking?”

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is it “please get me pregnant”?

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It means if you want to see a bun in the oven get to the yeast while it still makes the bread rise.

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To not beat around the bush:

There’s a certain window, between the onset of puberty and the onset of menopause, where a woman can get pregnant. There’s a much narrower window where a woman can get pregnant, carry the baby to term without complications due to age, and raise the child successfully.

When a woman “hears her biological clock ticking,” she’s fretting that the end of that window (which is around 40) is approaching, and she doesn’t yet have children or a mate.

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