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How does rubbing fiberglass installation on drywall make it flexible?

Asked by shego (11093points) January 31st, 2011 from iPhone

I was watching a show on the DIY network and the host was saying that you can rub installation on drywall to make it flexible.
How does that work?

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It heats up the pieces. Using a heat source, such as a hand held hair dryer would work as well.

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Do you mean insulation?

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Yeah sorry, In my mind it was right. sorry I asked the question on my phone, and I didn’t go back and check

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Maybe it breaks up some of the fluffiness, thus making it easier to bend.

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BTW, the same does NOT work for your eyes – be careful.

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Does someone have video or know which episode this is from? I’m pretty sure it was Josh Temple / House Crashers

would love to show the clip to someone!

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Episode 38, House crashers/ Josh Temple

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