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What are some interesting general knowledge or awareness questions like these?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) February 1st, 2011

People generally answer these wrong:
> Without looking at your watch tell the number six on your watch is Arabic number or Roman Numeral?
> The top most light on traffic light is green? or red?
I have myself checked many people are not sure about their answers.
What are some other questions like these that people are unsure of or they don’t know about it at all?
Do tell me the answers to them too :)

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I don’t wear a watch.
<<spoiler alert>> The top most light on a traffic signal is that flashy thingy that goes off when an emergency vehicle needs to fly through the intersection.

My awareness question would be….
Was the doctor who assisted at your birth right handed or left handed?

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What’s on the back side of the pennies in your pocket. When did that start?
Which way is Abe facing?

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I haven’t worn a watch since the invention of cellphones…
How many keys on a piano keyboard? 88

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lol, i don’t wear a watch either. ...
which one’s bigger : your left eye or your right eye? can you write using your left hand? ( i can even though i’m not a leftie) are you addicted to anything?

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The answer to the traffic light question may depend on where you live.

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