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Peak oil: Fact or fiction?

Asked by mowens (8350points) February 1st, 2011

Personally, I think it is a load of crap brought to us by the same people who brought us the world ending in 2000, then 2001, and now 2012.

That being said, the argument is sound. I understand the concept. I do. Do I think it will happen in 10 years? No. Do I think it will happen in 50? No. We as a society are already removing oil from our daily research. You better believe that people will find another way to get around if gasoline gets too expensive.

I cannot find a single “creditable” article against it.

I also in turn can not find a single creditable article supporting it. Every web page I find is written by someone who is quite obviously deranged. Thoughts from the collective?

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