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Why do some people have a habbit of smelling everything?

Asked by peedub (8703points) April 13th, 2008

For as long as I can remember I’ve had this habit of smelling everything I get my hands on. I’ve been caught smelling pencils, rocks, coins, lint, etcetra.
Know anyone like this?

I’ve spotted others.

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I smell everything. Maybe there is a reason your nose is right above your mouth

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i smell everything also, it is mostly out of habit. i like to smell my food before i eat it or my clothes before i put them on and things like that for the basic reasons, i also associate things with scent.

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I smell things, but not EVERYTHING. It’s obvious when certain things smell and I am not going to put my nose anywhere near it.

My sister in law smells everything and it bugs me.

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well I have to agree I would not put my nose near dog poop. But u bet before I eat it I will give it a wiff

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I smell good and bad things, my guess is curiosity.

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I smell the things that have a scent that just happens to whiff past my nose. And unless it’s something you’re supposed to smell, I usually don’t smell it.

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i’m with peedub, i like to smell things, even if i know i shouldnt, or it won’t be good. =/

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Smell of all senses, has a most profound and unique link to memory…I really dig that about smell-for better or worse.

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I agree with sndfreQ, smells are retained well in memory.

I usually smell things because…I really don’t know…maybe habit? I generally like smelling things that are familiar to me (not bad smells, like dog poop or something), probably makes me subconciously remember good things?

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I’m a Sniffer!

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My ex used to smell their hands all the time – but would get totally defensive if you pointed it out – and also had to have a foot smushed in their face in order to climax, the smellier the better

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I’m guilty of smelling everything.
I’ve done it my entire life my dad has also.
Maybe its hereditary.

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@Beck- I was wondering the same, nature, nurture, or just some weird habit I picked up.

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Interesting! My nephew smells everything and often smells his hands after handling or meeting someone. I noticed his nephew, my great nephew does the same thing. He often associates things with memories or other objects. I agree with heredity since my great nephew has not been around his uncle that often.

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Pure human curiosity i think. Maybe someday sniffing will save the earth =D

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I do it to!! I remember situation only by the smell I percive that day.

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I like to smell my cheese when I’m eating it.

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=O Same here!

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My boyfriend smells his sweaty hat eight after he is done skateboarding for like 4 hours!!!! If he doesnt have his hat then one time I saw him smelling his dirty old sweaty shoes!!!!!

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Haha, I do the same thing!

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hahaha why???

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I’ll sniff my hat to make sure no one else has been wearing it!

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I think we are all smelling things unconsciously too, pheromones for instance.

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I started a habit of smelling things by smelling of dairy products before I eat/drink them to see if they are spoiled. This action turned into a habit and now I smell lots of different things without really thinking about it.

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lol maybe because it’s uncontrolable unless you hold your breath xD , not sure.

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Just be greatful your not a dog. You don’t want to stick your nose up every butt you encounter.

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I thought I was the only one. I smell absolutely everything. Even things I know save no smell at all, I smell them. It has gotten so bad recently. I’m finding myself going up to strangers and asking them if I can smell their coat or hair. If I ask my sister or brother of I can smell something of theirs that they are wearing or carrying and they say no, it drives me crazy, it’s like id I don’t smell an object I need to smell, I get agitated and start going insane. Guys, thank you for believing in my weirdness :)

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