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What's a good mexican restaurant in NYC?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) February 1st, 2011

Looking for a reasonably priced restaurant that serves up some good authentic Mexican food in Manhattan.

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I went there once. Can be pricy but hey, it’s the city. Also, you MUST try the mexican corn, I didn’t see it on the menu, but ask for it it is awesome!

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No, What’s on second.

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I’ve heard that Toalache in the theater district is good.

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Chipotle is fantastic for quick meals. Zona Rosa is also great but expensive

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Here’s the link for Zona Rosa. Believe me, the food is a cut above and the atmosphere is great,very warm and cosy.

For more advise check this chowhound link

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Um, wow. I’m shocked anyone would name their restaurant after a well known street gang

What’s next, a soul food restaurant called Crips and Bloods?

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Rosa Mexicana, near Columbus Circle, is good for a big group.

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I was recommended rosas and also a place called ranchos, anyone hear of those?

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could be Zona Rosa or Rosa Mexicano
Ranchos could be this. Amsterdam Ave is a cool spot.

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