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How can I keep sweat clothes soft?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) February 1st, 2011

When I wash sweat clothes they get those little tiny balls all over them and start to feel like sandpaper. Will washing them inside out keep this from happening? Are there any other laundry secrets keep them soft?

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The tiny balls are called “pills”. I have a pill shaver.You can get them at any drugstore. You could also try fabric softener.Maybe that will help.
IMO,anything with tiny balls should be called “Psycho Bob” Uh,never mind XD

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First of all, if you stick to 100% cotton, you will have less pills. Second of all, never, ever, ever wash them with towels, blankets, or fleece. Lastly, I find that if you simply don’t put them in the dryer, you will extend the life and reduce the gathering of pills. I also second the idea of the clothes shaver. They are cheap, and can be found in any Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve never seen them in a drugstore around here.

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