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How does your garden grow?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 1st, 2011

You don’t have to be named Mary to answer this. Yeah, basically what’s in your garden? How’s it’s current state? Manicured lawn, plants, flowers, furniture, what? Ours has a relatively small but neatly mown little lawn, a bench seat & a trampoline, for the kids you understand. Pretty sparse I know, but i’ve never been much of a gardener.

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Well, currently not a darned thing as we haven’t had our last frost yet.

However, around mid February it’s time to put in onions and soon after that tomatoes.

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If I had to choose a descriptive word right this second, I think it would be ick! Winter has not been kind, everything is dead, nothing is even budding yet, added to this a puppy called Jade who seems intent on perfecting her mining skills by digging little holes whenever we take our eyes off her and its all a bit depressing. Without the aid of the ghastly weather though, and with the kindness of spring, things will, as always improve. We have a little patio, the rest being lawn, a little garden shed, seating, and to one side I have my own little piece of heaven….. my drying green <sighs> the joy it brings me on spring/summer days :-) I know, I know, I’m easily pleased lol. Either need to train Jade or invest in one of those little helmets with a light on for her though…..

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@bunnygrl Yeah the trampoline hasn’t seen much use these past few months. Nothing like a bit of sun to bring out the best in the garden. Warm summer evenings, barbecue, kids larking about with their Dad. Roll on summer say I :¬)

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@ucme It’s been a shocker this past winter hasn’t it? Not that it has past us yet, worse luck. We’re apparently supposed to have sleet by friday again. It’s gone on too long, it really has, so yes, I agree, roll on lovely warm summer evenings, bliss :-)

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Hmm…. must be that global warming that Al Gore warned us about… ;)

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Are you kidding me?? Try 6” of snow soon to be 20” How’s that for having a white thumb!

I do have an indoor herb garden that has oregano, parsley, rosemary and basil.

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…. snow.
Typically, flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Annuals and perennials, I love to plant my flowers. Depending on the season I have gladioli, hydrangea, hollyhock, zinnias, tulips, crocus, daffodils, crocosmia, and others. No roses. Aside from one wild rose that does not bloom, rather it just climbs up the side of the house. I don’t care for roses.
I always plant a mandevilla on the back patio in the early summer. I like to watch it climb up around the kitchen window.
We have tall pampas grass around the koi pond, which has a little waterfall. We do a lot of entertaining in the summer, so it is a nice little space for sitting with guests.
I usually plant small patches of edibles among the flowerbeds – lettuce, broccoli, garlic, wax peppers, sometimes a pickling variety of cucumber. Pumpkins or watermelon behind the garage.
My husband is obsessed with the lawn. He frequently sprays it for pests and weeds, adds fertilizers, mows it with careful precision. He often mows for the neighbors, also. It is a real hobby for him. We’ve been told by a handful of neighbors that we have the nicest yard on the block, which is very touching to hear. It is a hobby, but definitely nice to hear such a flattering thing about your hard work.

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The weeds grow just fine without any intervention from me…

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I just moved into an apartment in the fall. I’ve gotten the green light to plant a garden. I plan to focus on the Thee Sisters(agriculture).

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I only have indoor plants right now, because I don’t have a yard. There are two blooming right now.

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Heavens, I don’t know! I shall have to ask the gardener. I wouldn’t imagine much growing right now under the two feet of snow we have here.

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I plan on starting alot of seeds this weekend indoors.I have a basic veggie garden and I love flowers so I make sure I start alot of annuals ahead of time too. I guess I make mud pies inside.:) As for decoration,I have an Easter Island head out there that looks like my dad! XD—I love gardening—

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I have a great crop of snow growing – at least a foot – and more is expected tonight.
My trailer is already loaded up to an equal depth if any of you want to try making and selling snow cones.

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Okay, I get it…’s snowing, enough already XD Thanks folks, good stuff.

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My snow is coming along nicely, and tomorrow I expect a bumper crop of ice as well! :)

I plant flowers around the house in early spring, but by late summer they are either dead or overtaken by weeds. My vegetable garden always has tomatoes that grow very well. I do OK with basil and oregano, but other veggies don’t do so well for me.

We have a pretty large deck with a table and chairs, very nice for hanging out in the summer. Our back yard is pretty big too, with several extremely large trees. Most of the yard is in shade all day, so even on hot days it’s pleasant out there. We have a big wooden playset for the kids and a table with a fire pit in the center. There are a couple of small dogwood trees with a birdbath between them and a stone border around it all where I attempt to grow flowers but usually fail. It’s still pretty, especially when the trees are flowering. We have some bird feeders around the yard and a squirrel feeder on one tree. One side of the yard is bordered by very tall hedges and at the back is a low rock wall with a gap in the center that leads to a big field. The field belongs to a neighbor and is mostly empty, but does have a few huge raspberry bushes. Yum! The other side of the yard is open to the neighbor’s yard, but there’s plenty of room between the two houses.

Overall, it’s a nice place to spend time when the weather is decent. It isn’t the best-kept area, prone to weeds in the garden and bare patches in the lawn, toys strewn and mismatched lawn furniture, but no one will look at our yard and think we don’t take the time to enjoy it!

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My garden is just a little limp at the moment… when I get some free time I intend to go out there & tidy it up.. Turn the borders, weed etc….. I put new turf down last year but it seems to have sunk in places with the weight of the snow we had, at least that’s what I’m blaming :-/
There’s the deck to re-stain the fence to coat the patio to jet wash the list goes on Humph!!! :-/

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I currently have 2 feet of snow everywhere. For 3 to 4 months of they year I have geraniums, baby’s breath, lilac bushes, and several really tall perennials that I am not sure what they are as they came with the house.

I want to add more to the garden this year as it will be the first year in four that I’m not dealing with my mother’s estate, my sister’s problems or trips.

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I don’t think this question is aimed at Canadians. Our gardens all look the same. It’s just the depth of the snow that differs! Except that rotten BC coast.

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@faye I miss the West Coast! In March and April the cherry trees will be in bloom while I sit in freezing temperatures.

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