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Photobucket just sucks. What is a good alternative site, and can I transfer all my albums there?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39545points) February 1st, 2011

What photo editing site do you use? Also…if you use photobucket, is it as crappy and slow for you as it is for me?

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There’s a site called that you can go on for sites like another one.

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Photobucket does not seem slow to me.
But then again, I just store my pictures on there and edit them on my PC with Photoshop.

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@ragingloli I don’t edit there much either, just store and share. OMG, it is soooo slow. Plus it slows down all the other programs on my computer…

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Photobucket is absolutley terrible. I much prefer Flickr, as @Aesthetic_Mess already mentioned.

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Photobucket is awful. I prefer flickr. Also Picasa isn’t bad either.

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I use Imghunt and it’s fantastic. Unlimited bandwidth and uploading, completely uncensored, it’s free and has absolutely no annoying adds all over the place.

You can have albums and various codes for posting your pics on forums and stuff, like on PhotoBucket. Thing is, it’s all just the basic stuff. You can’t really edit much or make anything fancy, but as a place to store pictures, for me it’s perfect.

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Damn it. Why do they make it so damn hard to create an account anymore??? OK, trying imghunt…thanks @Symbeline

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