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Apartment dwellers, what do you pay per month for electric?

Asked by Jude (32201points) February 1st, 2011

Or, Hydro if you’re a Canuck.

Just curious.

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$80 in the winter, and $300+ in the summer.

This isn’t entirely the AC’s fault, since I ran it the entire winter and had that low rate, but in the summer you could easily hit that $300 with Edison’s jacked up rates, even with conservation.

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Fortunately, it’s included in our rent.

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$80 in winter; $170 in summer.

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120.00 a month flat.

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Holy cow. I pay about $100/month for an 1800 square foot home. I can’t imagine paying this in an apartment.

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100 $ perhaps, some is included in the “rent” we pay

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This year my bill is running around 110–120 in the winter, and 60 or so in the warmer months. This apartment is electric heated, and I have two computers now rather than the one before. My tv and most of my electronics are not plugged in when not in use (save for the computers).

Last year at an apartment that had gas heating it was about 60–70 in the winter months, and 30–40 in the warmer months. I only had one computer at the time as well.

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$175 or so this winter. It’s a 1000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom apt. located on the ground floor, in the Mid-Atlantic area of the USA.

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$80 in winter, $180 in Summer. It can be lower because I live alone too and I’m not at home much.

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$60–80 in the winter
$120–150 in the summer

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Now it’s included in my rent, but for the first two years I lived here it was paid separately. I paid about $20—$30 a month in summer (I don’t have an air conditioner) and $40—$60 in winter, for a one bedroom apartment in Toronto.

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Mines about 80 per month in winter and…20 in summer? I really don’t think air conditioning is worth that much of a jump in price….fans are fine.

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mine is gas and electric on one bill – 75 in summer, 125 in winter.

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My bill is combined gas and electric summer is $75 and winter so far has been $105 and I’m in Colorado

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Wow, power for me is about 70 per month but gas is 130. This is for a 1200 sq ft house in Alberta- one home of gas and oil! And then water, garbage removal, recyling fees are another 70 per month.

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I also have gas and electric combined. Electric is about 80 in the winter and gas about another 80 in the winter and about 125 in the summer and 40 in summer. I wash a lot and I’m not very conservative.
A lot also depend on where you live and what floor. First floor is colder in the winter since heat rises and cooler in the summer. Top floors are hotter in the summer so more power is needed to cool them off. Heat from below comes up and they get heat from the sun on the roof. (little shade) but in the winter they are usually warmer because the heat from the apartments below come up.

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I don’t pay for the gas, but my electricity always falls somewhere between $70 – $80.

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@deni are you in Canada?
I don’t know what kind of summer you’re used to, but here by the beach, it is awful hot and humid, with temps ranging 90s to 100* F all summer. There isn’t any relief in the evening either, most of the time it’s in the 80s with darn near 100% humidity. Sometimes fans just aren’t enough. I can stand being hot all day (most days I’m out in the heat) but at night, I like to sleep on dry sheets, and not stick to my husband lol

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Mine is included in the rent. I haven’t paid hydro since my first apartment, and at that time I didn’t have an air conditioner or a computer. I paid about $35 a month in 2000.
I don’t even want to think about what it would cost now, with two computers and an A/C!

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@Claire_Fraser I’m in Colorado….it’s very hot in the summer, but it’s not humid….I’m from PA so I realize that humidity is a bitch but still, if it was me paying the bill, I wouldn’t have air conditioning. Our kitchen was disgustingly hot all summer and we cooked a ton and yes it was hard to handle, but not worth an extra 100 bucks a month…I’ll just deal with it. Luckily having a fan on and windows open at night wasn’t too bad.

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