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Worst odor?

Asked by peedub (8703points) April 13th, 2008

There are some scents that are just unbearable.
I’m not a huge fan of rotting shellfish.
Any story?

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Smelling vomit makes me want to vomit.

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rotting dead animal

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my roommate & her boyfriend, they have the smell of old rotting hoagies and dirty vagina/old cum.

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sometimes my dogs surprise me with some pretty vile farts

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C’mon guys, I’m talking rotten milk status.
Actually I can see the plausibility.

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ok well a few times when i was in junior high these guys who thought they were the shit would crush several egg bombs into the carpets of the enclosed school hallways at one time. it would reek for days.

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my boyfriends feet

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Male cat urine that has seeped into your drapes and hardwood floor and been shut inside a hot house all day long…

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when you dig a hole at the beach and its really deep. also, compost heaps reek of nastiness.

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When you go into a bathroom stall after someone with a nasty vag has been in there.

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Melena which is black tarry stool caused by bleeding in the gut somewhere is pretty bad but my personal least favourite is fecal vomit which happens when you get a blockage in the bowel and everything gets backed up and comes out of the mouth.

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We had fertilizer from a field near-by wash into a pond at work and kill off these giant catfish. The bodies would bloat and float at the top. When they popped, it was like the worst stink bomb in the universe – you could smell them a 1/4 mile away.

@Lightlyseared – hemorrhagic diarrhea is bad, but doesn’t have the sheer power of the catfish.

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Dead frog is pretty bad.

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