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Where can I get an online car history report for free?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7186points) February 1st, 2011 wants a credit card, wants a credit card, and the DMV sends me to autocheck. I’m just trying to get some info on a used car that I want to check out. It’s not at a dealership and I just want to see if there’s anything wrong with the thing. I’d really prefer answers that pertain to the internet. I’m not able right now to go out to the DMV to check anything.

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Contact the seller and ask for a carfax. When I sold my last car I offered a copy to any potential buyers.

Edit: If they don’t want to give you one, I would be wary of purchasing from them anyway. Even private sellers. But that is just me.

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Make the private seller pay for a carfax? I don’t think they’d shell out $35 bucks for potential buyer every time.

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@shpadoinkle_sue It’s only one time. I paid for the carfax, then printed it and made several copies. I’m assuming he only has one car that you are looking at so it’s just one carfax report. The seller can make as many copies as he likes.

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Even if the seller provides a history report, in my own opinion, it’s still better to run your own
report. It pays to have a comparison. You don’t have to pay huge amount for the report, you can get a 5-buck NMVTIS vehicle report. There are many NMVTIS accredited providers, I personally use but you can use other providers, they are equally reliable since the source is the same.

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