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Are you part of a group of consensual pokers, or do you prefer random poking?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23120points) February 1st, 2011

On facebook, do you only poke a specific group of people who you know will poke you in return, or do you frequently poke random people and run?

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I don’t poke people on FB,but I do in real life…with a stick.
Some people need to be poked.

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I’m not a poker. I don’t even really understand the point of it… I’d rather interact with people by ‘liking’ or commenting on their posts, or sending them direct messages.

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@augustlan That’s it. You need to be poked. Someone poke Auggie please!

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Poking only sets in granite the view of the one being poked. If someone comes at you with a threat of a precieved threat what will be the response. Try coming at them with no right or wrong and with no judgements and see the change.

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I just poke back.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’ve been poked, and I usually just ignore it. I’m boring.

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@augustlan Awww, but that’s no fun! Whether you’re the poker or the pokee, some poking needs to be done!

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I just want to say that this is your official warning. Now you’re both gonna get it. :P

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Bring it on sweetheart!

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I’ve poked back once or twice, but yeah… I just don’t really get it, I guess. Nef, I will hunt you down. :/

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I have never poked but I have been poked….I think?
I don’t understand the poking.
It’s not like any poking that I have ever participated in.

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I’m assuming it’s a sign of affection. <pokes Wilma>

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I have no idea what it means. One of the many aspects of FB that bewilder me or seem opaque and I haven’t bothered to figure out. This is why I mostly stay away from FB.

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Me too @Jeruba , I don’t get it.

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@Jeruba From my understanding, it’s just a sign of affection, sort of like playfully tapping or thumping a friend. Everyone should be poked and get that warm, fuzzy feeling! :P <pokes Jeruba>

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My husband poked me and I was really surprised. It took me 3 weeks to poke him back. To me it’s pointless…..I see it as similar to a wink on Poking in real life can be fun, though. Bruises and all ;)

I have no idea why it linked up the website….I didn’t do that…...

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Oh—thanks! I thought it was something like a semi-aggressive request for attention. More like a little love-pat, then? virtually?

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@KhiaKarma I think I prefer the poking on facebook. My hubby was goofing off last night and poked my arm… it’s still sore.

@Jeruba That’s how I see it, anyway. Just a friendly, goofy way of saying “Hi”.

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I’m with @Jeruba I really do not understand poking. What is it for? What does it show or signify, since what ever it is is virtual?

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My son and his GF told me it is not the done thing any more so I refrain from it as I do most other FB furbelows.

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I have never used the “poke” function and don’t entirely understand what it’s for. I get that it’s sort of a “thinking of you” thing that doesn’t require actual messaging, but it seems you can get that across in other ways. Maybe I just don’t use Facebook enough.

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Remember “Lonesome Dove”? Gus liked to go for a ‘poke’ with the local hooker. That’s what pops into my mind when I see that!

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My kids said it has acquired a sexual connotation.

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does not think @Summum has a clue what we’re talking about

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if someone pokes me i will poke back. Only about two people i know do it. (at this point they might think they’re reciprocating my pokes, me poking first, but i’m not a poker). I think it’s silly, however, if someone pokes me first i don’t want to leave them hanging.

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Oh dear. If it has acquired a sexual connotation, I’m in trouble, since I keep poking my mother and a bunch of other girls…

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I never poke. If someone pokes me, I don’t poke back. I think pokes are stupid.

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I don’t poke with the exception of one friend. For some reason we started poking each other and never stopped. It’s our bonding thing, I guess. Otherwise, I think they are pointless.

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