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When and where was your first kiss?

Asked by kariper (264points) February 1st, 2011

and most importantly, was it good? I dont remember my first kiss as a good one; the guy smelled of cheeseballs and was a head shorter than me, plus he was a total ass. but my first real kiss with real feelings involved was the best kiss I could ever imagined. and he was french speaking, maybe that says it all? So tell me your story :-)

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My first kiss was when I was 14 and it was with 3 guys in one day. ;)

…Nah, to be honest, I haven’t been kissed yet and I’m 18. :o

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I was 13. It was on the steps leading downstairs in my girlfriend’s house. I remember it clearly. However, I don’t remember if it was “good” or not because I was too shook up to judge.

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I was 15 and it was a nice summer day by the lake.
He put his hands around my waist, (I was so nervous!) and gave me a kiss.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven! :)

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When I was 11 and he was my first boyfriend. We kissed behind some bushes and it was magical.

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@ducky_dnl aw, well you’ll get one soon I’m absolutely sure :)

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My first kiss was when I was 7. We were at a party of some kind and the kiss took place in a closet…

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aw guys this is all soo cute!! @WillWorkForChocolate, it wasnt 7 minutes in heaven by any chance haha?

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A heck @tranquilsea I just remembered holing up under a desk in the bathroom with my FIRST boyfriend ever, and kissing. We were….7 I think. We were also best friends. Life was so uncomplicated then.

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6th grade spin the bottle, I didn’t want to do it. I kissed two boys that day. One was a great kisser, the other one not. I can’t remember which order I kissed them in.

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@kariper Nope, more like 30 seconds of slobber. He wasn’t a very good kisser, and I knew that even though I’d never been kissed before.

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Fifteen, on the steps of Durham Cathedral….don’t ask why! Was okay as tonsil hockey goes, although being a little keen I almost snogged her entire face off XD

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@WillWorkForChocolate oh thats a shame, well we’ve all experienced the bad ones eh? where theres just too much or too little of something to make the whole kiss good. I believe for a good kiss to be real good – there need to be feelings involved

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Um….that was @WillWorkForChocolate you was kissin’ there @cruiser!!

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@ucme ahahah, thats cute. when you’re fifteen and you cant control your feelings thats normally what happens.

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@kariper Yeah, practice makes perfect ;¬}

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It was my 16th birthday, at a dance at my school. He was 18 and it was wonderful.
Soft lips that firmed up just right, not too wet, not too dry, not too rushed and definitely not long enough.

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My first real kiss was in 2005 halfway through the movie Jarhead. I was 15, she was 16 and had a lip ring and purple, black, and silver hair. It was pretty hot and we wound up dating for a while.

My first kiss in general was when I was in 2003 or 2004. I was 14 or so and I kissed a 17 year old girl who I really, really liked during a game of truth or dare.

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In a swimming pool on the lips when I was still too young to know what I was doing but old enough to feel some very unusual tingles.

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If we’re going to be technical, my first kiss was when I was six or seven and I don’t remember anything about it at all except for that I kissed him.
My first real kiss was sometime after high school. It was with the right guy, and yet it was horrible. It just wasn’t good and I can’t tell you why. (Kissing him years later..perfection).
The first time I was really properly kissed was a few years ago. I’m pretty sure that after we kissed the words, “oh my god” came out of my mouth.

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I want to say I was 13, he was 17 but yea I was totally in love, and we were so totally forbidden to see each other but I snuck out and we met at the elementary school down the street from my house and we kissed all night. Andre was his name and he had the biggest, juiciest, softest lips ever, He tasted of big red gum. I’m still a sucker for a nice full pair of lips, and big red gum.

It may not have been my “first” kiss technically(actually my second), but the first kiss with grand memories. Official first was at like 5 in a closet with my older sisters, friends brother. YUK I hated him after that!

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My first real kiss* was on the night of 7/18/2009 and it was in San Diego (on a trip with the boy who would become my boyfriend). And yes, it was very good. It was late (I was only a month away from turning 18), but it could not have been better as far as I’m concerned.

*I say this because I had drunkenly kissed girls at parties, but it was for fun, nothing romantic.

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I was in grade one, he was a year younger, it was in his backyard (while we were standing on his picnic table), and it was quick. He smelled like a sweaty boy, mixed with dirt..

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In December 1992, I was in eighth grade and had been picked from among 3 girls I knew to be the girlfriend of this dude we had started talking to on the phone ( we were 13, he was 18). I felt like the prize pony at a state fair. I hadn’t met the guy in person, but apparently we were going steady, and one day he phoned me and asked if I would come to a mutual friends’ house to meet. I was nervous, and really didn’t want to take our “relationship” (my first) past where it was. But I made the trek and met him.
He was not what I expected. A 6 foot 2, gangly, Nascar-hat-wearing, half-toothless, smoking stranger met me and wrapped his arm around me. I immediately felt disgusted. We talked for a minute; well, I tried to talk through my shock, and then I made up some story about how I had to get back home before my parents found out, and then, he leaned in, and gave me the slimiest, most revoltingly cigarette-smoke-laden full-on tongue French kiss. I broke it off and ran home and just reflected upon the stupidity of it all.

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@ladymia69 You escaped from a pedophile…..

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Very nearly…yuck yuck yuck.

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I was 13, he was 14 and a neighbor of my sister’s. He was at my house and we were playing pool in the basement. I had a big crush on this guy, so I was already happy that he was there. This was 1977 and Bonne Bell Lipsmackers lipgloss was very popular. I had just gotten the Dr. Pepper flavor, put some on and told him about it. (I really couldn’t have been more obvious!) He obliged by kissing me. We went back to playing pool and it never happened again.

The next time was in college and went much better. We dated for a bit, but it wasn’t serious. Nice guy, good kisser.

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Embarrassing, but it was when I was 17, at a friend’s house. Everyone there was female except for me, and all were 15 (also except for me). We (my first kiss and I) kept kind of doing the flirty thing all night, and eventually we were all laying on the floor, and one of the girls (who had just gotten over a relationship) was trying to get me to kiss her, but I was focused on this other girl. It was wonderful. In retrospect, I regret not kissing the girl who had just gotten over the relationship, as we had been flirtatious since we’d known each other, and I feel like we’d probably still be in a relationship right now. Oh well.

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Dashboard Confessional concert HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I think in 2002.

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I was 14 and I was walking home from school with some friends. It was a beautiful day. I was dared to kiss the guy I had a crush on, and he was dared to kiss me. I will never forget the look on my friends faces.
It was amazing, more than what I expected. I felt like I was the queen of the world.

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second grade – Steven Batcher would chase me around the playground…smacking his lips.
jr high. Church choir trips – we learned Peaches, Prunes, and Alfalfa (say them when you kiss)

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I was 14 and at this awesome outdoor live band party and met this really cute girl…we yucked it up and made fun of the drunk parents and went to go sneak a smoke…she out of the blue and tackled me and said I have been wanting to do this all night and planted this most amazing kiss.

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First kiss was with a guy I liked outside of a school dance. We went out to talk and cool off from dancing and he asked if he could kiss me. It was sweet but I realized there was no real chemistry. Maybe because I was nervous. I was about 14 or 15.
Next time was what I felt was a real kiss. A guy I wasn’t even interested in. He was a friend and he suddenly grabbed me and kissed me. Before I knew it I was responding. It was awesome. There was chemistry on both our ends only I was interested in his best friend so it never went anywhere after that. I was about 15.

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I was 16. It was right before she broke up with me. Yeah, I’m kind of a badass.
In the school parking lot, the last day of school before winter break.

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I was 16 and I was in the chorus of Fiddler On the Roof at my high school. It was a dress rehearsal and I was in the wings close to the stage, but it was really dark. I was in a sort of peasant dress that I had made myself with a kercheif on my hair. One of the boys I knew, he did the Bottle Dance and was in the chorus, came up to me to talk. We had spoken briefly before but not much because I was pretty shy. He was cute in a sort of geeky way. He leaned in close to me and french kissed me slowly and expertly. I didn’t really appreciate that it was a french kiss! I was a little peaved because I thought it was too forward and not romantic enough for a first kiss. But, in retrospect, it’s a good memory. We ended up dating for about 1 year. He was really good at making out! And he was sweet and kind.

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Me and my girlfriend had met on Facebook 9 months ago, on today’s date, the 3rd. I, sadly had never kissed a girl, and i was 17. shes never kissed anyone either. about a month ago, i had asked her to pick out a movie she wanted to go see. she had no clue why but she picked a movie, and i then told her how i had the opportunity to go see her. We were both so excited (: i remember the first time i saw her in person. she was so beautiful. we went to the movie, hit it off, and at the very end i asked her if i could kiss her. she said yes, and well, you get the idea

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@That0neguy01, the whole “asking her for a kiss” thing works every time.

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