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What is your biggest pet peeve about winter drivers?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) February 1st, 2011

Mine is people who don’t clean the snow off their cars completely. First there are the people who just clean off a part of driver’s side window and hunch over the steering wheel, peering out, and look like they’re driving an igloo with a porthole in it. That’s just annoying. Second, there are the people who clean everything but the roof of their car. That is both annoying and dangerous; if, when you’re following behind them on the interstate at 55+ mph, the whole thing comes flying off the roof in one big chunk. I’ve never had one hit me, I try not to follow that closely, but one time a chunk of roof snow was launched off the top some nitwit’s car, at just the right speed and trajectory, that it came more than close enough to scare the living bejeezus out of me. Man, I was furious. No, road rage though, don’t worry.

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The !#$%^‘s that think having 4 wheel drive is a license to drive like a !#$.
and that concludes my freak out XD

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Some, they don’t tend to slow down when they’re driving in snow/ice. When they finally do brake, they spin.

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The ones that slam on their brakes. Particularly the ones that are driving in front of me.

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I’m with the anti-4WD movement. Most of the vehicles I see in the ditch anymore are dipshits in 4WD trucks/suvs. For some reason these idiots believe that 4WD is bad weather autopilot and a license to drive like the roads are clear. I would like to wish some kind of punishment on them but it seems that their dumb asses hitting the ditch at 45+ MPH is what I’ll have to settle for.

that and watching my little front wheel drive car driving ass go right on by because i know the secret of winter driving is to slow the fuck down

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Say it’s a 55mph-zone, and someone’s doing 45mph. Okay, whatever, the roads are kind of bad, and your car sucks, I can understand why you’d like to play it safe. Then it changes to a 45mph-zone, and they slow down to 35mph. WHY? You’ve already determined that it’s safe for you to drive 45mph. Do the roads magically get worse once the speed limit changes? Is there some rule where you have to drive 10mph under the speed limit in bad weather?

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@Ivan LOL! Oh man, I think I do that. I never thought about it like that.

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@Blondesjon I drive a 4wd and I don’t drive crazy in bad conditions.However,if the road is clear,I will sit in the back seat and steer with my feet…ok,I don’t ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille . . . It’s good to know that you’re not a member of the 4×4 dipshit clan.

have i mentioned my theory that most of these “dipshits” are city folks?

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@Blondesjon No,but I won’t argue about that.
A friend’s husband who is a truckdriver says that they are almost always women too.XD

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@Ivan I loved your response. I do that. I laughed out loud when I read your description of me. But actually, in many states, it is consider reckless driving to drive the speed limit in bad weather conditions.

Currently, my winter weather complaint is snowbirds hogging the golf cart path.

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Speed. Too much of it.

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Yeah, people think driving is the hard part in winter weather, and so 4 WD makes them more able to drive. That is kinda true. But it does nothing to help them stop, and stopping is the fucking scary part!!! Pisses me off too. Slow down, keep a lot space between you and other cars, and pretend you have no brakes. That goes for everyone, not just the 4WD people.

Last snow fall I was out, roads were icy. There was an accident on the interstate, and we had to go from 4 to 2 lanes. I was in the lane behind the accident, and it was pretty icy, because it was not being used as much because of the accident ahead. The lane next to me was moving one car, and then let in a car from my lane, then one car, and let another car in from my lane, everyone being curtious moving at a snails pace. My turn comes to merge, and the idiot women speads up and does not let me in, so I am left brakin near the accident on the ice. In these wintery condition people need to really be focused on driving, and not be aggressive.

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lol….The “dead turtle” drivers…. eg: speed limit 100kmh they drive 15kmh

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@Blondesjon. That is their punishment, it’s called a timeout:

That’s it! I’ve had it, Mr. (or Miss) Dipshit with the big, fancy 4×4, you’re going on timeout right … THWOMP!!! … now! Go ahead, curse, throw a tantrum, kick your truck, kick the snowbank, pace furiously, rant and rave and wave you hands around and yell at whoever it is that’s on the other end of that cell phone of yours … though I don’t know why you’re yelling at them, you’re the moron who ran your truck into a ditch. Now I want you to think long and hard about how there are consequences to what your actions, and think long and hard about how you might use a better judgement and more care in the future. And why we set limits. And you’ll have plenty of time to think about all this because the AAA guy has about 15 other dipshits in line ahead of you and you’re going to be here for a while.

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We have a highway that runs about 100 miles north/south city to city. There are always cars, trucks, semi’s in the ditches in a storm. Tow truck waits up to 12 hours or not at all! Wouldn’t you think people would slow down as they drive by these vehicles? Not necessarily! @Ivan I probably do that, too, without thinking!

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I don’t know if I can say it depends on the weather, but I hate it when people drive with their high-beams on in the opossite lane and it temporarily blinds you for a few seconds. I guess when the windows are fogged because of cold weather and they do that makes it bad! :/

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Dumb people getting stuck and slowing everything down. In the Portland Oregon area, it snows and turkeys die.

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We had a neighbor with a very loud car that would heat their car up for at least 20 minutes before they left the house. Our bedroom window was right next to their driveway and I could feel the vibrations from the car, along with the loud noise the car made. They often did this right when I was trying to go to bed. I’m so happy we moved from that house.

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Last-minute breakers scare the hell out of me. Hello! Ice, snow, slippery…

People who scrape just enough of their window to see straight out in front of them. Because cars don’t come from the side, you know.

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@Supacase In some states it is illegal not to clear the snow off your roof also, because if it flies off while driving it might inhibit the view for other drivers when it lands on another car.

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On the flipside of drivers who drive too fast for conditions, I hate the enormous pussies who drive too slow for conditions. When I see a soccer mom with a Ford Excursion going 2mph around a corner when there is an inch of snow, I want to smash into her. They have a heavy car with new tires and 4WD, not a Honda Civic with bald tires. You can stomp on the gas and you’ll be fine, asshole.

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@JLeslie Not to mention that it might just plain scare the pants off of someone, like me, as I as noted in my details. Yikes! Clean your effing cars of, will you folks? I’m 5’ 4” and shrinking and I still manage to get the snow off the roof of my car.

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@lillycoyote Last snowfall here a guy was drivng on the highway with his entire back window covered in snow. Snow! Not ice. If you don’t have a scraper, which many don’t here in Memphis, maybe I can be understanding, but snow?! Take anything, even your arm and brush it off. Good God drive safely.

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@JLeslie Exactly. People in Memphis have brooms, don’t they? Those work great for getting snow off a car. There’s no excuse for it. And I couldn’t stand not being able to look out my rear window? How can people drive if they can’t see out their window? It’s maddening.

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@lillycoyote Well, the driver might not have been at home. Could have been at work, shopping, etc. Still, anything, a plastic bag over your hand, anything.

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@JLeslie I have on occasion been forced to clean the snow and ice off my car using my library card, if I find myself broomless and scraperless. That’s a pain, not very efficient and time consuming. There’s usually some way to do it.

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@lillycoyote Funny story. My neighbor, when I lived in FL, finally moved to FL from NY because of this little tidbit. He had fallen asleep at the apartment of a girl he was dating. When he woke up at 2:00 in the morning, he wanted to go home. He went downstairs to find out it had been snowing. His car was parked on the street and covered. He had not dressed for the cold weather or the snow, but he used his arm to wipe the snow off his car enough to see, and then when he tried his key in the door it would not turn. He realized he had just cleaned off somene elses car. He moved shortly after.

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@JLeslie LOL. The main reason people don’t always clean off their cars is that it’s work, and cold, miserable work at that. Bad enough cleaning your own car… your neighbor’s experience might put me over the edge too. :-)

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My biggest pet peeve is that some of them still drive like it’s summer!

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