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What are some good journal topics?

Asked by chickadee (38points) February 1st, 2011

Just some good journal topics to write about. Please help.

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Journal? As in diary type of journal? Write about your life! What happened to you today, how you’re feeling. All that jazz. I also make lists in my journal, bucket list kind of things.
Just keep a daily journal of your observations and whatnot. You don’t really need a topic. Unless I’m misinterpreting the question…And you mean, like, scholarly journal…

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Write about your worries. Write about a screenplay you never wrote that had something to do with a mid-life crisis.

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If you’re like me and enjoy eating and cooking and going to restaurants, write about what you ate at each meal. Describe how you decided to choose the items, whether the choice was yours or whether you ate what was given to you. Did you actually prepare the food, if so, explain how you did it (in detail) If you prepared the food, explain what stores you went to, if you had any problem locating the correct ingredients or if you had to substitute an ingredient. What were the prices of the items you bought at the store or restaurant or school cafeteria. Describe how you enjoyed the taste of the meals you eat, in great detail. Say what you like, what you didn’t like and why. Describe all of the colors and textures and temperatures of the foods and what was good about the meals and what was lacking. Describe whether you think the foods were healthy or not and if they should have been more healthy or if you were just eating something because it was good. Did you trade any lunch items with your friends? Did you pick at your meal? Did you throw any of it out? If so, why? Details, details, details.

This will keep you busy, as you are hopefully eating 3 meals a day.

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Try to write about your feelings and your experience of life, random thoughts, stream of consciousness. Don’t overthink it. It may surprise you that what you thought dull and ordinary at the time that it was happening becomes interesting to you later looking back on your life. My main advice? Try to write for yourself, not for an audience and be as truthful with yourself as you can be.

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