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Do you like Hot Springs?

Asked by seazen (6113points) February 1st, 2011

Not sure if I have to capitilize Hot Springs or not: do you like the hot water, the sulphuric smell the relaxing heat on your aching joints and swimming in old faithful-type fun?

Oh yes, I’m old and decrepit. Rub it in.
No, literally, rub in the BenGay. Thanks. That feels better now.

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Love them. Love bathing in hot water in a natural setting. I could do with less rotten egg smell, but I’ll take it.

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@wundayatta I find that after 10 minutes I no longer notice the smell. Wanna come visit me and we’ll do a Hot Springs tour from North to South? I know three really good ones. Make that 4.

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For a second I thought you meant the town in Arkansas. I’ve never been to a hot spring. I saw Anthony Bordain at one in Iceland on one of his travel shows, and it was such a pretty shade of blue, I wanted to hop a plane right then.

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I love them. There are so many in the Rockies in B.C. that are small and quiet. I’d love to live closer.

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One of my most amazing times outdoors was at Strawberry Springs in Steamboat Colorado. 3 feet of snow all around and basking in the moon light in these luxurious natural hot springs pouring down the mountainside into the river where I sipped on home-brew my brother made.

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I love the scenery surrounding Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs.

There’s nothing better than the combined aesthetic and sensual enjoyment of being immersed in geothermally-heated water, while looking up at snow-covered mountains.

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Never tried a hot springs.

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Yes! I lived in Japan for many years, and there are hot springs all over the place. One of my favorite memories is at Christmas time, being in an outdoor hot spring. There was snow all over the ground and a frozen waterfall in the background, but we were quite comfortable in the hot water.

We have a few warm springs here in Hawaii, but they are all on the shoreline and mix with the cold ocean water, so they’re only warm, not hot. Still, they’re pleasant.

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Yes, and hot tub and Jacuzzi come very close to being as wonderful.

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Love them.

The most memorable trip was to Bagby Hot Springs in Oregon many years ago. It was a pretty warm day, and you could take a dip in the cool stream that ran alongside the trail to the springs, and little fishes would nibble on your toes :>)

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I live very near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, renowned for their hot springs. I have yet to give it a try, though. Something about it grosses me out… maybe the idea of so many other people in it? I kind of wish I’d get over it, because I do love a hot bath.

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